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A PPC Management Service Delivers a Great Landing Page

WebiMax Contributor, November 26, 2010

Do you know a lot about the behaviors of Web browsers? It is the duty of a PPC management service to study such things in addition to orchestrating and monitoring your pay-per-click campaign. Web browsers are very capricious; they are met with a humongous amount of information and do not spend much time on one page unless truly captivated. Landing pages are designed to captivate a targeted audience in order to persuade them to make an intended action (make a purchase; signup for a newsletter; etc). The following post addresses ways a PPC management service orchestrates efficient landing pages.

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Landing page design and content is to be succinct and impactful. Good content does not spend a lot of time celebrating the goods and services, yet focuses on how those goods and services serve as a solution to common desires and problems. As stated, the attention span of a Web browser is limited; PPC management services make sure content is persuasive and catchy.

Landing pages usually are situated with a form so potential customers can relay their demands to your Web site. Lead forms are to be short while asking only for the most important questions. Web browsers do not want to be met with a lot of questions; they want to get to the end result while not spending a lot of time with multiple steps to get there. A PPC management service can engineer a short lead form to affix to the landing page.

PPC management services spend a lot of time testing and retesting inserted images placed on the landing page. Images are useful in enticing a browser’s attention, yet they can also be detrimental in distracting the browser from making a desired conversion (such as filling out a lead form). PPC management services construct several landing pages using various images to see what attracts the quickest and most conversions.

At first, landing pages may appear only to serve an immediate purpose – to inspire browsers to make a conversion, yet seasoned PPC management services also use landing pages to further engage browsers with your brand. This tactic can be used to get users to order whitepapers; sign up for your site’s Facebook page; read a blog post; and more.

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