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CSE Marketing

August 14, 2016

Smart businesses offer products online...

Smart consumers compare offered products...

Smarter businesses utilize online marketing firms to enhance revenue potential.

Designing an effective e-commerce site is just the first step in building a successful online storefront and presence. While the site design and functionality are critical, leveraging CSE marketing tactics (comparison shopping engine), you may be able to take your company to a new level, enhancing e-commerce revenue potential. Aside from other services, our digital marketing company loves helping clients with Comparison Shopping Engines.

Our team focuses on your e-commerce products' placement on CSEs, providing a robust service, including but not limited to the following:

  • Consultations regarding database orchestration and data feed development
  • Writing unique descriptions, promoting search engine optimization and eliminating chances of duplicate content
  • Establishing data tracking, tracking sales and return visits
  • Monitoring channels for price competition and exposure
  • Recommending strategies for ongoing optimization (competition, timing)
  • Assisting in troubleshooting
  • Gauging ROI, determining long-term decisions
  • Identifying and recommending new CSEs and niche markets
  • All of the above options are applicable and can be used for many CSEs. We can offer recommendations regarding the most appropriate feeds for your business. Please see below for a couple of examples:
    • Free CSEs - Bing Merchant and The Find
    • Paid CSEs (Google Shopping, NexTag, PriceGrabber, Amazon)

Your products need the attention of their target markets. Don't miss the chance to optimize your e-commerce products with the help of our CSE marketing services and other marketing tactics. Consumers rove the Web at all times, searching for desired products, leveraging price-comparison engines. Those offering online products need to utilize CSE marketing to produce desired revenues. We want to help. Consumers are online and competition is fierce; it's your move.

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