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The Importance of Public Relations for SEO: How WebiMax Can Help You Succeed in Online PR

Nicole Romeo, February 11, 2015

In internet marketing, SEO and PR once operated as separate entities, but today they work hand-in-hand. The aim of a successful SEO campaign is for a business to rank on the first page of search results, attract and retain more customers, increase its brand visibility and ultimately generate more sales. As Google continues to place more significance on the quality of content, it’s important for websites to deliver interesting, meaningful content on a regular basis and acquire quality links from high authority domains.

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With a public relations campaign, you can target large publications with valuable content that links back to your website. Your online PR efforts, such as press releases and media pitches, must incorporate SEO best practices. Integrating your keywords into your PR work can help you increase your rankings on search engines for targeted terms and stimulate greater interest in your business. Plus, due to Google’s algorithm updates, your site can get recognition from Google when your business is mentioned in a story, even if it doesn’t link to your website. Google views this as an implied link, which can boost your site’s credibility and rankings. Therefore, PR has clear value in SEO. With PR, you can receive media coverage for your business, boost your backlink profile and get mentions from reputable domains.


To reap the full benefits of SEO and PR, you should utilize the expertise and resources of internet marketing specialists. At WebiMax, we have strong connections with large scale media outlets, as well as the skills to get your brand quality coverage. As the landscape of SEO is constantly changing, it’s important to employ experts who are up-to-date on SEO best practices.

Here are some of the online PR services provided by WebiMax:

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  • Media Pitches – A great way to establish your business as a leader within your industry is to have trusted news outlets cite your company as an expert source. Having a great media pitch is the first step to getting journalists and reporters to start writing about your company. At WebiMax, we provide our clients with targeted media pitches for which we customize our outreach to media outlets that best match our clients. We position our clients as experts and leaders and use current and newsworthy topics to spark the interest of journalists and bloggers. Our media pitches will get your brand mentioned on popular media outlets and generate quality links for your site.


  • Press Releases –Press releases are a great way to inform others about your company and website. They communicate your latest news and events with consumers and media outlets, as well as deliver valuable signals to search engines. By optimizing your press releases for SEO, search engines will give them a higher ranking, making them more visible to web users. At WebiMax, we create newsworthy press releases that will enhance your website’s rankings and visibility, introduce company related news, and acquire quality backlinks from other domains.


  • Outreach for Link Building – Our link building team reaches out to high authority domains to acquire quality links back to your website. Google attributes more value to quality over quantity. In Google’s eyes, just a few high quality backlinks is better than a ton of poor quality ones. Our link builders use meaningful content to establish high quality links for your website. This will increase your credibility with Google, and improveyour success online.


WebiMax is frequently credited on a variety of large news outlets, including CNN, USA Today, ABC News and Fox Business, and can help your company receive the same type of recognition. For help with your SEO campaign and PR efforts, please contact our internet marketing consultants at 1-888-932-4629.

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