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Taking Advantage of Your Online Reputation

Angelo DiPilla, October 9, 2018

How much does your online reputation influence your prospects? Maybe more than you think. Recent studies indicate that 80% of today’s customers are influenced the information and reviews they find online. It’s important to realize that consumers heavily rely on the internet and social media to inform their buying decisions, and forward-thinking companies and individuals are taking steps to monitor and manage their online reviews.
Reputation Management
 refers to influencing and controlling your company’s reputation. Internet research and online reviews are now a core part of the decision to do business with your company rather than your competition.

Considering trending consumer buying habits, shaping public perception may possibly be the most important marketing task a company can do to increase new customer conversions.

The key is to first monitor your brand then ultimately eliminate or hide negative online material that is impacting your brand. The goal is to improve consumer confidence and build credibility.

Although Reputation Management on social platforms has become extremely important for driving traffic to your site and ultimately converting prospects to customers, these efforts are often neglected because they take too much time.

In general, a reputation management campaign could take about 20-25 hours per month over several months to successfully complete.

A Successful Reputation Campaign will:

  • Develop Your Brand
  • Analyze & Monitor Brand Sentiment
  • Promote Positive Commentary
  • Suppress Any Negative Content

6 Ways to Enhance Your Online Reputation:

Encourage Reviews- According to results published on com, 92% of users read internet reviews. Even more amazing is that 89% of users will trust online reviews. Take steps to encourage customers to review your company and services on various online review platforms.

Have a Blog- a regularly updated blog with articles that establish your company as an authority in your industry and demonstrates your innovation. The key is that articles are regular, at least once per week, and relevant to the reader.

Get Publicity– A company’s reputation is no longer built through traditional “word of mouth” references. Today’s “word of mouth” advertising is realized through online reviews. Be proactive: write articles for other blogs, do some web advertising, and promote your company through public relations efforts as much as possible.

Use Social Platforms- According to Reputation.com, 78% of consumers believe it is very important to look up a company’s reputation online before deciding to do business with them. Many people start their research on social media, and this number will only increase in the future.

Join Directories- Online directories allow users to search for your company by services or products offered. Being listed will help drive traffic to offerings, and work especially well for local promotion.

Secure Your Brand Name – There are a lot of profile sites on the internet that can be claimed underneath your brand's name. You want to take advantage of this and secure your brand name on all of the top profile, social and review sites on the internet. Your brand is one of the most important assets in your business. Taking the right steps to secure it is pivotal.

According to Social Media Today, the average person spends nearly two hours on social media every day, which translates to over five years over a lifetime. If your company has active profiles on the major social platforms, you are much more likely to be found and thought of as more reputable than companies who do not.

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