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We the Users Claim: No One is Above SEO

admin, January 11, 2012

Google, Google, Google!  Are you trying to dominate the SERPs on such major search engines as...well, Google?!  There's been a lot of talk about the brand lately.  Buying links, being unfriendly to Twitter, hiding owner reviews…despite best intentions, some brand behaviors have been weighed and measured…

Aside from the obvious irony regarding the Google+'s inclusion and Twitter's mysterious disassociation from SERPs, I was impressed by the sleuthing and "truthing" performed by those in the SEO industry.  It's important to establish this fact, important to online marketers, clients, and all users of the Web: No entity is above SEO, meaning we the people won't be denied the ideal service promised.

The last couple of days brought plenty of reactions from search engine optimization professionals, some humorous.  One of my favorites was a Danny Sullivan tweet, "Oh dear. My Twitter app & my Google+ app are no longer talking to each other. Maybe my Facebook app will broker a peace."  He also wrote an immediately humorous, but very honest and serious post about what we as users should expect from a search engine.

I think many people are reacting with emotions right now, but it's understood.  Can you blame some in the industry for calling shenanigans on the source that so readily slaps Web masters on the wrist due to ongoing algorithm changes and Panda updates?  It's human nature to desire to uphold the "law," even when those assumed to create and implement it seem to commit transgressions or forget what it's like to be a consumer.

Google is sure to keep our attention in the near future, as the brand works out the wrinkles in the Google+ modification and quells the concerns of search engine optimization practitioners, business owners, and users alike.  One thing I believe we can count on this year and in evolutions of the Web to come is more sleuthing and "truthing" by those in the online marketing industry and other savvy individuals who identify and spread awareness regarding transgressions and "ironies."

Coincidentally, collective use of social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, help balance the powers of the Web.  I constantly rove Twitter for updates from those in the SEO and other industries. 

Information equals awareness, and I'm glad I have such timely and effective outlets to access and share information.  Isn't that what we want our search engines to do, provide relevant, timely, and authoritative information to enrich our minds and lives?  Google wants us to understand no one or brand is above the laws of SEO and the objective mission of SEs.  I believe as of late, it's been our duty as well to enforce those laws, ensuring NO ONE is above the SEO code or can obstruct our right to an objective SE experience.

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