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A Smooth Sailing SEO Process

WebiMax Contributor, October 5, 2010

Search engine optimization can be a tricky process to understand if you are just starting out in the field. If you are one of these people, there are a few steps you can learn that will explain the SEO process in a more clear and concise way. The first phase is Discovery. Things included in this SEO step are discovering dynamic pages and improper URL names, current website traffic and keywords which drive that traffic, frequency in which content is being added and updated and current page rank, age of domain and length of time domain is registered.

After the Discovery phase comes the Analysis phase. This includes reviewing prime keywords and developing a list of keywords which will be focused on within the campaign, determining the overall need for additional content on the website and how detailed and involved this content should be and developing an action plan. Phase three is Implementation. During this phase you will most likely initialize a strategy meeting with the potential client as well as introduce the account manager, develop a process by which the website will provide frequently updated content (this can be done through blog posts), the creation of press releases, articles and bylined articles and lastly, the implementation of social media campaigns.

The last phase is Management. Once your campaign is "live" we provide weekly status updates for the tasks that we have performed during your monthly plan. Also, your account manager will be available, at this point, to discuss your campaign and any questions you might have. The SEO process should be an exciting time, as your website is on its way up in the optimization world. With these steps, you have nothing to worry about.

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