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Visual Website Optimizer Review

Matt Haran, October 15, 2012

The Visual Website Optimizer tool is a great addition to have on any site. It can help you increase conversions, sales, signups and any other goal a site holds. The tool can help increase these goals by the integrated use of A/B Testing. Well what is A/B Testing? A/B Testing can compare how effective different versions of a certain test can be. Whichever version turns out to have the better results, then that specific version will be selected as the one to run with.

The way the optimizer works on a website can be very cool. You will have the option to create and display two or more different versions of a specific web page.  Once created, users will approach the same page but with varied layouts. Images, colors, headers, etc. will be altered to judge which layout works best. Data will be collected depending on what the user does when they are on that specific page. Whichever data shows a certain page with a better conversion, then that page will be selected as the main page to use. The editor which changes the headers, titles, images, and buttons and so on can be easily altered through the tool’s easy point-and-click interface. Did I mention that ZERO knowledge of HTML is required? You do not need to have any knowledge on HTML and any changes that are made on the website are very simple and easy to perform.

A/B Testing Editor

What Changes Mattered

Through the powerful multivariate testing you can easily identify which specific changes that were made on the website increased conversion and which changes did not help at all. Rather than just showing which page performed better, it will display exactly what it was on the page that caused it to perform better. It could be something simple like the color of a button.

what changes mattered

Natural Reporting

You can keep track of revenue on the site and track all conversion goals. The reporting is always one of the most important factors because without it, then how would we know which version or layout of a site is most effective. You are able to get real-time data and real-time reports of all the test performances.  You can view daily performance charts and then also look at performance trends that cover a span of time.

reporting conversion

Behavioral & Geo Targeting

You can even go a step further and personalize your website to focus on your marketing strategies. You have the option to customize your web page rendering to each visitor to increase the sales. With the combination of multiple different targeting options, you can show a specific web page to a visitor that performs best for them. For example, if you want to show different content to different visitors, then the tool will measure their location, operating system and even the source from where they came from whether it is Google or Facebook and so on.

behavioral and geo targeting

Any One Can Use It

No IT support needs to get involved when using this tool. Page tagging is not required for any of the features in the tool. All that is really needed is a small snippet of code for the tools integration. All in all the website code does not need to be touched. This saves time and energy. This makes the tool extremely easy due to the fact that you do not even need any knowledge of HTML. Is there anything about this tool that stinks? Not at all. Whether you are a marketer or a web developer, there is going to be an interface either can use. For the marketers there is an easy editor that can be used which is very similar to Microsoft Word. If you are a web developer then you have the power to use the HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing tool.

Final Thoughts

This tool can help increase the chances of any type of conversion on any website.  Through its great A/B Testing process, one can learn so much about the different possibilities of a web page. To add to all these amazing aspects of such a great tool, if anyone wanted to see different situations of how this tool works, they can see all case studies here.  The Visual Website Optimizer has been used by some of the biggest names out there on the market like Microsoft, Hyundai, Disney and so many more. I highly recommend this tool to anyone that is trying to increase their conversion on their website, whether it be an e-comm, informational, form or any type of sale. A/B Testing is a great way to test out marketing strategies in the market today.

A special shout out goes to Nick Eubanks for his presentation of this tool at ShameOnUX.

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