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5 Content Writing Essentials for Long-Term SEO Success

Nicole Romeo, January 16, 2015

content is king hand
When it comes to running an effective SEO campaign, content reigns supreme. By integrating unique, fresh content into your website, you can attract search engines, increase your search engine rankings, boost your site traffic and deliver meaningful information to your audience. Your website should provide content on a regular basis that provides value to readers. To increase your site visibility on search engines, your content and page titles and descriptions should be optimized for frequently searched keywords that are relevant to your site. By employing the right strategies, you can set your website up for long-term SEO success

Here are some of the content writing essentials all websites should utilize:

Google Magnifying glass cartoonyBlogging – Search engines reward websites that deliver relevant, meaningful content to users on a regular basis. One of the most common ways to do this is through blogging. Through your blog, you can target your audience with interesting and useful information about your company, products/services, or industry. Your blog posts should deliver information in a clear, concise manner and present your company as a leader in your industry. Each post should naturally incorporate your keywords and link back to your company’s webpage. Additionally, you should optimize each post’s page title and meta description with keywords. Be sure to avoid keyword stuffing, because search engines penalize sites that are over optimized. Blogging will increase your site traffic as well as your search engine rankings. You can promote your blog posts through your social media channels and also use them to boost your backlink profile.

Professional VideosProfessional video production is another vital tool all websites can benefit from. Videos provide a more interesting and engaging way to deliver content to your audience than static content. By providing videos, you can decrease the bounce rate of your site pages. You can use videos to explain how to use a product, provide an insider’s look into your industry, or to offer tips or advice related to your company.  You can incorporate videos into your specific site pages and/or share them on your social media channels. When you share your video, be sure to incorporate your keywords. For instance, if you are posting a video to your YouTube channel, then you should integrate your keywords into the video description. This will allow search engines to pick up your video for your specific keywords, thus increasing your search rankings and drawing more visitors to your site.

infographics random

Infographic – Similar to videos, infographics deliver information to an audience in an engaging and intriguing way. It’s often easier for audiences to digest complex information when it’s presented in a visual format. With an infographic you can organize content and use images to help your reader better grasp your message. Many people respond better to visuals than static content, and they typically get more shares on social media platforms. Infographics can also help you receive top quality backlinks from high authority domains. You can share your infographic on your site, blog or social media profiles or use them to generate a press release.

E-books – E-books are an effective content marketing tool that can attract traffic to your website, establish yourself as an expert in your industry and increase your brand visibility. E-books provide a longer form of content than blog posts and are used to deliver information about a company or brand to its target audience. E-books present complex content in an interesting and easily digestible manner. The content adds SEO value because it is searchable. Like the other tools we discussed, e-books should be optimized for keywords and promoted via social media. Click here to view examples of e-books and whitepapers on digital marketing by WebiMax.

Online Press Releases & Media PitchesOnline press releases and media pitches are a great way to generate buzz about your business and to drive traffic to your website. You can use your press releases to announce something pertaining to your company. They are a great tool for raising awareness about new products or services, speaking engagements and company related news. To appear the most newsworthy, press releases should be announcing something. They should also include your contact information and a short description about your company. Once written, press releases can be posted on PR Web, where they can be picked up by news outlets and generate media coverage.

With these content marketing strategies, your website will be on a road to long-term success. For further assistance in implementing these content creation essentials, contact our SEO consultants at 1-888-932-4629. Click here to learn more about our content writing services.

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