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A New Approach to Content Marketing

Bruce Rymshaw, June 11, 2012

In the weeks following the much-discussed Penguin Update, many things have changed for Internet marketers.  Last week, I covered the topic of link building and how it has evolved since Penguin first struck on April 24th.  Today, I'm going to address another major issue affecting digital marketers, bloggers, content developers and business owners alike: Content.

Out With the Old?
It was once said that "Content is King" and until very recently, that was certainly the case.  On-page content was one of Google's known ranking factors for organic search results and it was considered a crucial one, at that.  Although content still plays an important role in SEO efforts, relevancy has become the new king of the post-Penguin Internet.  Going forward, originality, quality and relevance will be key elements of content development and new marketing strategies will replace those which were rendered ineffective by Penguin.

Re-Inventing the Wheel
Inevitably, search engine algorithm changes lead to new online marketing techniques.  Traditional "article marketing" strategies no longer have substantial value to SEOs.  Additionally, spun articles and paid links are being penalized by the Penguin Update.  In order to remain successful in the SERPs, optimizers and content developers should enhance their social media efforts and use various popular social networks as a marketing platform.  Sharing and promoting articles and blog posts via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will be increasingly beneficial to campaigns.  The utilization of public relations is also effective in raising brand awareness.  Delivering press releases and guest blogs or articles to legitimate online media outlets helps to establish a company's identity and authority.

The Future of Content
In the months ahead, Google's Penguin will continue to analyze content and link profiles and penalize sites for their failure to adhere to best practices.  Blogs, social media and P.R. outlets are legitimate platforms for digital marketers to consider and these are likely to become even more valuable in the future.  With relevancy reigning as the new king, quality will undoubtedly become the foundation of the successful Internet marketing campaigns of tomorrow.

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