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A Smarter Approach to Organic Ranking: Specified Keywords

Jason Wersits, April 26, 2012

As the foundation of any SEO-focused marketing campaign, keywords are always the driving force for any industry. More often than not, business owners take an approach to their keyword selection that emphasizes quantity over quality. While generalized keywords do have the potential to bring in a large, broad user demographic, sometimes a far more specific search term can yield better results for company websites and online content. The trick comes from knowing how to select the right keyword for the most successful search engine optimization.

Keep It Local with Geographic Keywords
In any industry, it's important that a business plays to its strengths. While larger companies enjoy a level of brand recognition that they can rely on for constant traffic and online sales, many smaller businesses struggle to find ways to stay relevant to their potential customer base. One of the more ingenuous ways that SMB owners manage to do this is through the strategic use of local keywords. Keyword phrases that focus on geographic proximity lend themselves to a style of search engine optimization that improves organic traffic while focusing on clientele that is within driving distance of a business location.

Many readers have no doubt used geographically- focused keywords in the past to find nearby services. Imagine, for example, that a family needs mold remediation services for a home in Miami. While simply searching for "mold remediation" will show results for home services in different states, looking for "mold remediation Miami Florida" will show proximal results. Users commonly include the town where they live in their searches anyway, so a smart business owner should try to focus on keyword phrases that account for local users if they have only a few locations.

Long Tail Keywords Have a Proven Conversion Rate
Similar to geographically-focused keywords are long tail keywords. These terms often include more specific terms which can narrow down the focus of a search considerably. For example, to return to our earlier search phrase, a long tail version of "mold remediation" would be "mold remediation business and apartment complexes." While less users will turn to long tail keywords than broader ones, those who do often show a better conversion rate by actually purchasing goods or services from a website.

Of course, it is always a good idea to experiment with the keywords one chooses in his or her SEO campaign. Just like any trending news topic, certain keywords can change in frequency of use over time. If any readers would like further advice on the subject, I can be reached at jwersits@webimax.com.

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