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Business ethics is an important aspect for any SEO firm

WebiMax Contributor, November 9, 2010

While business and SEO firm technology continues to advance and expand throughout the globe, one must realize the importance of business ethics in a modern society. In past history, and even to the present day, there have always been some companies who would shun ethics in order to gain leverage in the economy; while the businesses from many years ago may not have had the marketing opportunities available to them such as now through the use of the internet and computers, the fact remains that there were still underhanded ways of gaining advantage over the competition and negating the level playing field.

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Because of the many campaigns against spam and other forms of unwanted advertisement, an SEO firm needs to be aware of the magnitude of the power they have in manipulating online data for clients. It may be tempting to rationalize that a business’ goal is to make profit any way possible, but first consider the explanation that ethics is actually a step above the law. A law states the very basic level of behavior required by any person or business; ethics would actually be the next step beyond that: taking into consideration what would be morally or ethically correct for how an SEO firm should act in any circumstance. As an example, there may not be a law in South Dakota stating that it is illegal to burn one’s trash and garbage in their back yard. However, ethics comes into play when they consider whether this will have an impact on the environment, or may bother their neighbors, etc. The same principles and thinking should apply to companies all over the world with regards to business ethics.

For an SEO firm, there may be specific loopholes a company can exploit in search engines and other keyword algorithms, but when focused on business ethics, it is more important for a company to present itself as hard-working and effective, rather than taking advantage of a situation. Granted, business ethics sometimes goes hand-in-hand with moral beliefs, so ethics may vary from business to business; but as long as an SEO firm is focused on providing the best service for their clients and retreats from questionable and immoral practices, there is no doubt that they will be setting a strong example for other businesses to take notice and follow.

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