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Cisco Predictions Highlight Video in the Future of the Global Web

Ryan Buddenhagen, June 1, 2012

As I wrote about yesterday, the amount of web users and connected devices will greatly increase in the years to come, even just in the next four years. This will be experienced all over the globe only furthering the potential for marketing and increasing brand exposure to a new and increasing customer base. But another fold of the data is the connection speed predictions. Higher average connection speeds will bring about a more enjoyable experience for web users, but it will result in more being available in terms of what users can do online. Namely – video. And a lot of it. By 2016, video will make up 71% of all data that is used across the globe.

Video has become more important with SEO and branding for a company online as it is a another type of rich content that can be created and put on the web for the search engines to be crawled, indexed, given relevant authority, and most importantly enjoyed by members of a business’ publics/audiences. Let’s take a look at the remaining data from the Cisco study though. The speed of the internet around the world will increase from a level of 9 Mbps at present to 34 Mbps, essentially quadrupling. The time-frame of the 34 Mbps mark is not as specific but appears to be in the years closely following 2016. Lets go by region to look at the difference between developed and developing markets:

  • North America: 3.5x growth, from 11 to 37 Mbps
  • Western Europe: 3.8x growth, 11 to 42 Mbps
  • Central/Eastern Europe: 3.1x growth, 10 to 29 Mbps
  • Latin America: 2.8x growth, 4.2 to 12 Mbps
  • Middle east & Africa: 2.5x growth, 3.4 to 8.4 Mbps
  • Asia Pacific: 4.4x growth, 8.1 to 36 Mbps

The rise in speeds across the globe means that more videos across the world will be seen as well, it will not just be localized to a specific region. This provides opportunity for ISEO in terms of creating the videos with other languages and cultures in mind and marketing the videos efficiently across varying markets.

A Little Video Strategy
In terms of search engine optimization, natural keyword and related term mentions should be included in the descriptions and tags of videos (no stuffing) and the video should of course be quality in terms of unique, compelling content that your customers and followers will be interested in. HTML5 functionality on Youtube pushing away from Flash will only increase true SEO value. The quality and uniqueness of the videos will be essential giving your audience members reasons to go to watch your content, and keep coming back for more.

Additionally, it is important that you leverage the video in different locations from YouTube channels and a Vimeo presence to placements on your site. You want your content in different locations in order to get your audience and customers in varying areas depending on how they access your site and information.  Also, you want to make sure that you profile the videos on social media, making sure that the followers, fans, and friends all are exposed to the video and its messages pushing more traffic.

Need an Expert Contributor?

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