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Consumers Are Making Your Company Their Business

admin, May 10, 2012


Don't be pennywise and dollar foolish, business owners.  Do you see the forest through the trees?  Do you see the three-dimensional image emerging from the ostensible abstract graphic?  The dynamic has always existed; yet, I believe brands of ago understood the value in providing "value."  It was expected (as should be).  Then, an emergence of business began…

In The Beginning
I get a lot of my work ethic from older generations.  My grandfather, though working a white-collar job, had to work very hard.  All his peers did.  It was expected.  Why else would American people, coming out of the Great Depression, give their hard-earned money away?  They wouldn't.  Quality and value was respected and expected.

Things Got Better (But for Whom?)
Things turned around for the economy; free enterprise emerged in a number of verticals.  Innovation was up as well as the spending of Americans.  The hunger of businesses also skyrocketed.  More businesses existed in a number of verticals.  The principle of 'competition' threatened revenue streams and existences of businesses.

What do you do when you can't compete with a better competitor?  Let's not get into ethics; but, let's face it.  There are those who will do 'anything' to make a buck and sustain their 'business.'

The Web
It took some years for us get comfy with the Web; but, today its popularity is undeniable.  The line to the Web looked like the one inspired by Sylvester McMonkey McBean in Seuss Sneetches tale.  Many licked their chops, salivating at the chance to make 'mo money' online.

This was great for consumers too (in part); it was convenient and made for a more robust shopping experience.  However, the greed previously spawned before the dawn of the Web was fed by the new wave.

Enter SEO
"All these dollar signs (I mean consumers) are on the Web now.  How can I get them to buy my stuff?  Oh wait, this search engine optimization thingy can get me ranked first for my services and products?!  DAAAAAAAAAMN -  bingo!"

Many in the industry rag on ethically-questionable SEOs.  They are undoubtedly a problem; but, they're really just hired guns, inspired by their own greed; but, shoddy SEO revenue is fueled by the greed of questionable brands who want to make money (and, yeah, maybe create some value; but, "If we can get the money without worrying about the value, that's better, right?")

So, business owners, at present, you have access to a range of SEOs who run the ethics gamut as you yourselves fall somewhere in the spectrum between scumbag and value creator.

Is it frustrating for the business owners who want to provide value?  I'm very sure it is.  Is it frustrating for upstanding SEOs who want to help in aligning value with target markets?  I guarantee it.

We are in an age of transparency.  I'm not trying to coin a new term; I know how some take to such notions; but, I digress.  With each passing day, I celebrate the present evolution of online marketing; I'm happy for ethical SEOs and for consumers; because, there's increasingly less room for the unethical to hide.  The unethical SEOs are blaringly obvious to those in the industry; but, they're not a threat to us in the industry; they just disrespect and smear our industry.  They are not so readily seen by clients; yet, some clients are just as scummy as those rogue SEOs.

I have bad news for questionable practices and people.  You're going to fail…eventually.  Like the time after the Great Depression, we are in the wake of the Great Recession.  People care about how they spend their money, insisting on getting value (as it should be).

Those who need to hide will; yet, those who don't won't.  Why the heck would they?  They can be as transparent, footloose, and fancy-free as they want.  They CAN DO what all their online marketing and SEO insinuates…  Others can't yet use SEO and online marketing as a means to a scumbag end.

So the cycle will play over.  Those who can't compete will try; but, it's not going to be so easy anymore.  I'm sorry for you (for a number of reasons).

Pro Quo
Pro quo means "this for that" in Latin.  It's not rocket surgery (it was intended for a laugh.)  People want something in exchange for their hard-earned money, something of value.  You're not deserved of their money because you have a business.  You earn their money through respecting your brand, its operations, its employees, and yourself as a business owner.  Otherwise, you're just not getting it (people's business too –that was a pun) and neither will your brand…in due time.  Savvy yet?  Don't worry; I have more ink in my pen.

Final Thought
Consumers, peers, and service providers are a lot smarter than some questionable parties lead themselves to believe.  I know companies are in business to make money; but, why would you think you're entitled to sidestep the genuine business road?  Make it your business (yeah, it's a pun again) to create for the consumer.  There is an inescapable dynamic involving creating value and creating a successful business.  It takes hard work and dedication.  There's no alternative.  Live it or leave business aspirations behind.  People understood the dynamic generations ago?  Are we degenerating?  Some are.  Others are finishing the ideals our forefathers/mothers started.



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