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Enhance Your SEO Marketing with a Viral Video Campaign

WebiMax Contributor, April 4, 2012

Has the SEO marketing division of your business ever considered creating a viral branded video campaign? Videos are actually one of the best ways to market your company, its brand, products, and services on the internet. And, if your video goes viral, the extent of your brand's reach can be phenomenally huge. In fact, it would be worldwide. What could be better for your brand?

If you are now wondering how you can successfully start implementing a viral brand video campaign, then you won't need to look far and wide for some great tips and techniques. A recent article from Mashable lays out some of the best ways to creating brand videos that possess the potential for going viral. Just read on to discover what they are.

1. Believe in the power of sharing. Marketers often mistakenly believe that a video will only go viral if a celebrity promotes it. There is data, however, to prove the contrary. It shows that true virality comes from large numbers of people sharing videos with smaller groups. Celebrity endorsement is not always needed.

2. Use a social object in your video. That is, create a touching story that will captivate audiences, and affect them in a deep way. And that will prompt them to share it with all their friends and family. More often than not, a great story speaks for itself.

3. "Pulse" your brand into the fabric of the story. In other words, weave your brand's logo into the video in one or more subtle ways that don't overwhelm the story, but still make get noticed.

4. Make a longer video. There is often a fear of making a video too long. But, the truth is that a longer format video will allow a story to develop more fully. Also, the data speaks for itself: videos that run four minutes or more see an increase in direct shares by five times.

5. Last but not least, invest in buying some ad space for your video. This includes Promoted Tweets on Twitter, TrueView on Youtube, and more.

A viral video campaign does not have to be too hard to accomplish, if you are willing to put all of team's creativity into making an excellent video. Start brainstorming on how your brand can best be displayed in a great promotional video.

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