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Explore Foursquare Tabs

WebiMax Contributor, January 12, 2012

A new opportunity for SEO developers may be emerging through Foursquare.  The company has made some changes lately as part of their redesigned website and the all-new "Explore" function has potential to benefit advertisers, marketers and users alike.

Foursquare's Explore is being touted as a "local search engine", giving users the ability to search for businesses, either by their names or organized by category.  Browsing through categories is also possible, giving users even more capability to locate businesses in their area.  While mobile Foursquare users may be familiar with this system already, it's a new feature on their website.  The company's decision to add the Explore option to their site gives it greater visibility and creates another avenue for advertisers and marketers looking to enhance their reputation online.

Search filters within Explore allow users to narrow down searches by places they've visited in the past, places they haven't yet visited, businesses that offer Foursquare specials and locations visited by friends.  These filters create useful incentives for Foursquare members and should encourage businesses to enhance their online presence.  The Foursquare brand is growing on both mobile and computer platforms, thus exposing businesses to more and more potential consumers.

Reputation management techniques can be employed to help businesses achieve positive feedback and boost sales via the Foursquare market and developers should seriously consider the Explore feature as a viable option for their future social media endeavors.

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