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Google Algorithm Updates Revealed

John Borkowski, August 11, 2011

As Google continues to update their search algorithms, it seems as though they are updated every-day. Actually, they are! Matt Cutts announced that they “change the algorithms all time time”. The most recent and talked about changes include the infamous Panda Update, and then there was Panda 2.0, Panda 3.0, and so on.

We give a whole heck of a lot of credit to Google for taking the necessary steps to improve the search industry, and continue to weed-out the unethical and unscrupulous firms that cheat the systems and populate the search results with poor quality and useless webpages (including linkfarms, and faulty domains).

Announced by SEOmoz, they have created a platform that indicates every single Google algorithm update – going 8 years back. This is useful to those that wish to know the type of algorithm changes have taken place over the past, however it is impossible to study in order to predict the next change. This is due to the face that there are changes almost every day, as indicated by Cutts.

Google continues to commit to only delivering high-quality search results. Typical fashion of a local clothing store only selling the highest quality clothing and not letting poorer designers enter.

Since the SEO industry is virtually unregulated, it makes sense that the industry leader (Google holds 66% market share in online search) is the primary player taking steps toward only populating original, quality content. Fortunately, there are genuine, Ethical SEO firms that practice white-hat SEO.

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