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Google Announces Additional Panda Update - Important Change

John Borkowski, November 23, 2011

Google, Inc. is expected to release another important update to their Panda algorithm that was originally released in early 2011.  Todd Bailey, Vice President of Digital Strategy at WebiMax, the leading search engine optimization firm, discusses the evolution of the “Panda” and further discusses its importance to the integrity of the search engine marketing industry.

The SEO industry has unfortunately been affected by unscrupulous firms that practice ‘black-hat’ optimization.  This includes cheating search algorithms to help a website populate higher in search engine rankings.  Google took direct aim at this ongoing problem in an event to penalize these websites.   There have been instances where reputable sites have been negatively affected, however, and as Google plans to release their new update, an expected 1 percent of domains will see its effects.

“A recent update targeting keywords that have been victimized by black-hat optimization firms have caused some reputable domains including PR Newswire and Forbes to get flagged for keyword density among other factors”, states Bailey.  “Webmasters need to understand where their content is and where it is displayed both onsite and offsite”.

During the month of October, a reported 11.2 billion searches were conducted on Google.  The company announced that less than 1 percent of domains will be affected by the new update.

“Google does a great job reinforcing their commitment to only delivering high quality results to the end-user of their search engine”, states Bailey.  “It is instances like this that illustrates the importance of regularly managing a search engine optimization campaign and continuously cultivating the relevance of ranked keywords, links, title tags, meta tags and more”.

Although Google will not disclose the exact parameters of the expected update, it is fairly simple to recognize the changes through studying the type of websites that are affected.

“Remember, Google wants to serve up pages that are most relevant and contain high quality content for the end-user.  Other considerations include maintaining keywords above the fold and ensuring the page is not ad-heavy.  Webmasters that pay attention to the important changes made to our industry will be able to deliver the most success to their clients search engine optimization campaigns”, concludes Bailey.

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