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Google’s Panda Update Goes International

John Borkowski, April 12, 2011

During February, Google made a significant change to its search algorithm known as the “Farmer Update”, to crack down on content farms that lacked good, original content. These pages would falsely satisfy search algorithms and show up high in PageRank. The obvious problem is that these pages lacked quality information and were essentially useless pages. Yesterday, Google released this change internationally to all English language based countries. In addition to this, they also updated the algorithm.

Now that this update has gone international, more sites are going to be affected that haven’t been adhering to quality content. It is thus extremely crucial to ensure that your search engine optimization (seo) company adheres to an SEO Code of Ethics. However, there is still a change that good, quality sites can be negatively affected. If your site is wrongly impacted, there are some measures that can be taken. Those sites that were affected opened a forum in Google to complain about it, for one.

Taking further measures against poor sites, last month, Google launched a Chrome plug-in that automatically sends reports to Google about sites that are being blocked by users, and sites that contain useless content. This was released well after their original algorithm change. Google admits that they did not origionally incorporate data about what sites were being blocked to the algorithm. However, they did use the data that came from the plug-in to find that 84% of the sites that were negatively affected were also reported being blocked. Not too bad!

In February, Founder and CEO of WebiMax, Ken Wisnefski, stated that “Our clients will see good results from this. Algorithm changes by Google are not feared by WebiMax but welcomed with open arms. Our clients see very positive movement when these updates occur because of the proper strategies WebiMax employs".

Since the origional release of the "Panda" update, WebiMax has opened international offices including London, U.K., Sydney, Australia, Toronto, Canada, and Barcelona, Spain, where the international update is now live.

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