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How a PPC Management Service Benefits Startups

Patty Ryan, July 26, 2012

You just launched a new site, began a new business venture.  You're confident in your product/service.  That's taken care of.  What's not is your brand's level of traffic and customer intrigue.  Something has to be done about that.  You've heard about the benefits of online marketing tactics, such as SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) services.  You're very interested, but would like to learn more.  Here's your chance.


Those in the online marketing industry understand the stark contrasts between PPC management and SEO tactics.  However, many businesspeople do not have the time to make such distinctions; they keep focused on their own field.  Understand this: SEO is a longer-termed project.  It does help with traffic and gaining attention, but such traction is not made directly "out of the gate."  Startups wanting to gain short-term traction should consider using a PPC management service instead.  A startup can begin fielding traffic from the first day (even in the first hours) of the campaign.


As I've already stated, many businesspeople are intrigued by online marketing, yet they don't have the time to learn properly.  They don't have the time to devote to the PPC process.  Outsourced vendors, on the other hand, do have the resources to commit.  That's exactly what PPC requires: intense commitment.  Being vigilant ensures a great ROI.  Unfortunately, a number of startups tackling PPC management on their own often fail, losing money in the process.  Vendors devote one member or an entire team to the process, which is how you want to manage your startup campaign for maximum peace of mind and success.


Do you know what terms to use in your campaign?  Do you know how much competitive words cost?  Are there other words your brand can use to gain traction and intrigue?  You may not know, but it's likely a PPC management service can answer these questions.  Their experience is worth the investment, which may make your decision to hire a PPC specialist a little easier.

It's Easy to Trace ROI

Some online marketing initiatives are difficult to measure in terms of success.  For instance, companies whose SEO tactics didn't raise levels of traffic a whole lot may still see increased conversions.  Pay-per-click management, though requiring diligence and experience, is straightforward.  A PPC management service can show you where your money was spent and if those expenses generated revenue for your business.  While some outsourced services may make businesses struggle to determine an exact ROI, PPC management is easier to measure with greater accuracy.

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