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Marketing Vision Quest

admin, May 25, 2012


Sometimes in business we have a vision; yet, in our quest to capture, to attain the image, we wrestle with the reality of the situation.  It happens.  Otherwise, every business that ever started would flourish.  That's a beautiful vision, pile-driven by the reality of business.


How can you better gauge whether your vision is coming to fruition?  Admittedly, I'm not a numbers person.  I don't like TI-80…anythings, and statistics was not one of my favorite classes in college.  However, I do respect and understand the importance of data.  The data is the wake-up call, allowing you to see how well reality superimposes itself on original vision.


Many business owners don't want to get their hands dirty with computers.  I understand. I had to catch-up myself in my college years.  I didn't grow up with computers like the youth of today.  They'll be in good shape regarding online business.  At present, many of you are a bit intimidated.  Additionally, if you can pay for someone to check analytics for you, then you don't have to be bothered, right?


Sure, you can find marketing companies to track and make decisions based on your analytics; but, I really suggest the notion of stepping out of your comfort zone a bit; I know; it's not an appealing notion; but, think about it.


I read a good post by a peer earlier today on the topic of putting in more time, going all the way when it comes to your passion and profession.  I really celebrate that.


Take a look at this Google support page.  Look at all the questions you should be asking regarding your site analytics and marketing campaign.  Wouldn't you rather have a better understanding of analytics so you can answer those questions yourself?  Marketers know marketing, but who knows your business better than you?  If it's not you, then maybe that person should steer the ship.


It's time to stop being hands-off regarding your online marketing campaign.  Is your business your passion?  Have you decided to offer your business online?  Then you need to engage just as always.


It's your business.  Start thinking analytically (yes, I choose the topic of 'analytics' to make you start thinking more practically, more analytically about your online efforts.  I enjoy punning.)  Don't leave things 'up to the experts.'  Be an expert regarding your business in all its facets offline and online.


With outsourcing comes deep responsibility.  The advantage of having others do something so you can focus on your business is understood; but, that by no means should give you license to take a hands-off approach to your business.  Get involved and stay involved.  It's your vision quest; do your part in making it a reality.

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