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Marrying Individual Services Targets Heart of SEO Success

admin, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, valued WebiMax readers.  Are your customers headed, straight as an arrow, toward your site's services and products, not just today, but each day of the year?  Search engine optimization facilitates a love connection and the endless search for brand attention.  Brands engineer goods and services to meet the needs of valued customers.  Online marketing helps align and spark brand-consumer connections.

Online marketing has become diverse (offering an array of separate yet intertwined initiatives), yet 'separate' services 'connect,' working well together to create online success.  For instance, copywriting (an essential SEO need) is complemented well by social media usage (gives content further extension and exposure).  Let's consider more search engine optimization, inter-service love connections:

Technical SEO < ------ > Pay per Click

Technical SEO addresses the on-site needs of a  Web property such as metadata, ensuring search engines properly read a site's pages and understand what on-site elements are 'communicating' to engines and users.  This helps a brand's exposure on the search engines; as Comscore's January SE data reflects, users mainly leverage Google (Google Webmaster tips) for search at the moment.

Addressing technical needs helps search traffic and PPC (pay-per-click) services complement technical notions well, giving brands immediate opportunities for increased exposure.  While PPC demands meticulous attention to ensure ROI, it's a good service to leverage while natural SEO efforts gain momentum.

VSEO < ------ > Web Design

I read a good post today on Google+ by Erica McGillivray.  If you're using Google+ (Rand Fishkin urges all people in marketing to develop a strategy), you'll notice personalized search results and interests of others in your circles.  Undoubtedly, you've noticed more videos finding way into SERPs.  Video production is another method of conveying information; in some cases, video can better communicate than text (think about DIY projects).  A number of vendors opt for video production and VSEO (video search engine optimization), allows for better exposure.

Your brand may love the idea of VSEO, deciding to host a number of on-site videos.  Web design services invigorate and improve the design and usability of Web properties.  While your brand is producing videos, it is necessary to improve the look and function of its associated online properties.  Videos intrigue attention while Web design implementations aesthetically please browsers and improve user satisfaction.

Copywriting < ----- > Social Media

Great content is essential for every brand.  While video, infographs (see infograph of StumbleUpon success via Distilled), podcasts, and other varieties of media are expanding our interpretations of 'content,' copywriting (have you been paying attention in copywriting class?) remains an integral part of a successful SEO campaign.

Of course, brands desire increased readership and traffic.  Social site, like Google+ above as well as Twitter and Facebook (read Todd Bailey Facebook tips).  Social media sites allow for real-time sharing and increased exposure to Web site content and properties.  If a brand is producing content, social media becomes a complementary process it can't afford to pass over.

Thanks for reading – Happy Valentine's Day

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