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New York to Berlin; Pinwheel, ISEO, & the Travel Industry

Ryan Buddenhagen, February 23, 2012

The SEO and social landscapes continue to evolve, and this reality will never change. What does change though is the how - how social users connect with one another and how that can be leveraged for SEO gain. As a result, regarding this relationship SEO evolution usually, but not always, comes in response to changes in the social space. Once new platforms are used and understood, marketing potential is realized and put into action. Enter Pinwheel, the new soon-to-be-launched map-based social networking site that has gotten people talking this week. In his blog post today on SEOServices.com, JWersits introduces the site, its basics, and gives us a look at the sponsorship system that Pinwheel is looking to use for companies to gain exposure through the platform. Here, I'll continue where he left off and look at how SEO companies could potentially use the platform for marketing gain once it emerges from beta and is fully rolled out both domestically and internationally.

Immediately, it is clear there is the SEO potential JWersits touched on for the companies that will look to utilize the platform to promote their business through the sponsorship system being put in place and by becoming "followed" by customers and encouraging engagement like possible feedback on customer experiences. Additionally, it can be used to drive targeted traffic in the same ways as other sharing sites and social media platforms. Notes and photos appear to be the main elements of the platform, so they can be optimized similarly. An SEO company can use targeted keywords and create fresh, quality content that reinforces other efforts of the overall campaign.

Wallet, Passport, Phone…Pinwheel?
It's unclear at this point what industries will jump in to use Pinwheel. Early winners could be all things travel though, both domestically and internationally. It stands to reason that one of the most applicable uses of a map-based social networking site in an ever-shrinking world is to learn more about places you will be visiting by seeing photos and reading information regarding the very sites, attractions, and businesses that make the particular place what it is. According to information put out by Pinwheel itself, they plan to have functionality for the entire globe which opens up the platform to the international travel market. Travelers can look for notes and pictures from others who have been where the future travelers want to go. Suggestion can be given and great advice can be attained.

Further, businesses can promote themselves and what they offer to travelers in terms of restaurants, concert halls, theaters, attractions, menus, sites, and other points of interest. There is room here for travel companies to package virtual tours or lists of places and sites that their various tours go to or the attractions they recommend. Given the visual and categorical nature of the platform's interface, there is great potential for unique functionality that would bring such lists or promotions to life for customers, providing them substance and real value.

The challenge is whether or not there will be enough information supplied by users and companies to keep people interested and coming back to learn and share. Businesses who want to target those in other countries want to employ international SEO (ISEO) practices keep in mind the language of their target audience(s) to optimize the content of their notes and make sure it works in conjunction with their other SEO, social media, and ppc (paid search) efforts. We will see if it takes off, but given its unique interface, it could make a fun one to work with.

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