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Over-optimization – S.E.Oh No!

admin, April 30, 2012


(Sigh) It seems so obvious to so few.  I read a humorous post today regarding the plight of black hats; the author facetiously recommends keeping a chin up and getting back to work (also advising white-hat methods as a future alternative).  I agree.  Stop your whining and start 'getting it.'  I understand why some entertain unscrupulous methods…$...that's why.

Money Hunger Leads to Uber SEO
I think some businesspeople are suited for SEO.  I think some are not.  The difference has to do with agenda.  Are you in business to make money or serve a place in humanity?  I ask for zero philosophical debate here; I know we all need money; but, it doesn't have to be the primary focus or impetus of a brand's agenda.  It's pretty simple; it's kind of like the difference between a 'job' and 'career.'  If you're on the Web strictly to make money, it's likely you'll tend to over optimize.

Why?  It's due to the assumption that higher rankings equal more exposure and more exposure will secure more money.  To the novice, it seems pretty intuitive.  Online marketers know exposure and rank do not necessarily promise one, red cent.

A patient Web master, who has something to offer the public (and themselves- the intrinsic satisfaction of finding 'a productive place' in humanity), comes to understand that killer products/services enable one to make 'a killing' online rather than unscrupulous and intensive SEO practices.  If you have a great brand and offer quality, then the Web is your friend.  If you're here only to make money you're going to get frustrated…again and again.

Remember Marketing
Business owners, start using more common sense.  Don't be so enchanted by the magical SEO acronym.  It's marketing.  Marketing is purposed to gain the attention of…people.  Sure, playing with numbers makes sense.  If you have a quality product, finding a way to expose it to more people, it's highly likely you'll make more money.  However, don't forget the keyword there is quality.  The quality secures the sale; the marketing only creates more opportunity for the former.

Marketing is purposed to locate and make an impression on the target market.  You’re making an impression on people.  You're not making an impression on robots.  Thinking of such gets you further from the conversion.  Focus your marketing on people, those who keep your business running.  Google and its algorithm changes are just means to an end.  If Google shut down its engine today, you'd still have people to market toward.

There's Has Never Been a Better Time to Market
I know I work in a small microcosm of search engine optimization.  It's my interest and passion; so, I am very understanding to business owners.  I 'get' they're focusing their passion and interest on their 'thing.'  But it's highly alarming to see so many incidents of over optimization.  It makes me feel like many chased the 'get rich quick' sentiment…only to get burned in the end.

Ironic to the penalties, is the notion that there has never been a better time to market products/service in just about any vertical imaginable.  Businesses have tons of online marketing opportunities.  Additionally, intelligent and helpful professionals write posts every day, providing insight on how to utilize tools, platforms, and segments of online marketing.

The good news for good brands is that you have incredible opportunities to locate your desired market and make an impression on them.  It may not happen within your desired time frame; and, monthly numbers may not be what's expected; but, there's always room for improvement.  The more you market and understand the better you become at making your brand successful.

What's additionally encouraging is the number of services willing to offer you help!  In the very least, consider arranging for online marketing consulting.  The small investment helps business owners 'see' present and future potential.

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Ken Wisnefski is a seasoned web entrepreneur and a frequent contributor to news outlets and business publications. Ken’s vast knowledge of how to make online businesses succeed has made him a sought after consultant from businesses wishing to improve their online initiatives. Contact pr@webimax.com to collaborate!


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