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Reframing, Essential for Branding and Rep. Management Domestically & Abroad - p.2

Ryan Buddenhagen, May 10, 2012

In yesterday's post, I opened the discussion on reframing and described what it is and the background of why it is important. Today, let's look at the tactics used and how it is relevant both at home and internationally.

In communication with your audiences, the larger conversation that captures the large-scale dialogue between a company and its audiences can be reframed through traditional tactics such as press conferences, events, launches, media placements, interviews, press releases, and statements. These forms of external communication are relevant to some organizations more than others, largely based on the size of the company, budget, and particular goals. If a company is a larger brand with a national audience, then they may be more inclined to seek the greater exposure through high-profile events, large media spots, and prime advertisements whereas smaller companies may opt for press releases, interviews, and small-scale media placements.

Now, regardless of company size, the smaller conversation is reframed one interaction at a time. This process has been revolutionized by social media. Businesses and the SEO companies that represent them can engage with audience members online directly through social media. They can do this to repair reputation and extend the brand (or to rebrand in some cases), engaging with people to present their image in a constructive manner. This is a long-term strategy and investment, but when done correctly, it can yield significant results.

The SEO marketers can take the opportunity to address concerns brought forth by customers and audience members individually through all types of posting, reposting, commenting, and other actions available on social platforms. Purposefully engaging people with compelling, quality content reframes the conversation to the core message in an equitable, non-manipulative way. This requires time, effort and ultimately staff to do this well though, resources that are often in short order - this is where SEO companies can assist in the campaigns.

Domestic and International Implications
This process is important domestically, as very often companies have a reputation that is instilled in the minds and experience of their customers - for better or worse. This happens in the environment where they have been operating the longest, typically on domestic soil. However, it also applies for businesses trying to stay on point in new international markets. As a company expands they make it a priority to build brand awareness, positive exposure, and customer loyalty in a place where they likely have little to none of these upon arrival.

Following this scenario, the brand itself may not have a reputation to fall back on as customers are working out their feelings towards the company. As a result, such companies are especially vulnerable to any negativity that arises as with such a blank canvas the, the "conversation" can quickly become an unfavorable one if a mistake is made or a negative development occurs. As such, companies need to be proactive in correcting any issues, transparent in their communications, and firm in addressing the issues but then reframing the conversation towards their core message.

As an example of reframing, I discuss in a piece on IBTimes.com how Glodman Sachs can use this practice along with consistency/core messaging and purposeful engagement to gain a better social presence with the brand management team they are expanding. For more information about reframing and its relevance for businesses domestically and how it relates to operating in international markets, reach out to me directly at rbuddenhagen@webimax.com and @ryanwbudd.

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