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SEO Code of Ethics

John Borkowski, April 8, 2011

Unfortunately, the search engine optimization (seo) industry is an industry that has been under recent observance for “black hat” services. Since the industry is mostly unregulated, there are some seo companies that do not practice good ethics and get their clients banned from major search engines. There has been a heavy crackdown by search engine titan Google in recent months, and calls for all companies to adhere to a code of ethics.

WebiMax prides itself on their ability to get the job done, and get it done the right way. The following states the WebiMax Code of Ethics:

The WebiMax Code of Ethics:

•Our business operations adheres to all laws and regulations set forth by the agency(ies) of the United States and International Governments for business, cyber and internet regulation.

•We treat each and every client as if we are consulting our own brand and the brands of our own team members.

•Never put the clients business or brand reputation at risk when working to improve the clients rating by finding disreputable ways of accomplishing tasks.

•Adhere to the conventions as specified by the various search engines and directories we use.

•Act in good faith when consulting and giving direction to our clients.

•Maintain complete confidentially about our clients and their information as it relates to their business operations and their SEO results, unless otherwise agreed upon in written contract.

•Never practice in dishonorable means of achieving a higher search engine rating including using linkfarms, hidden links and text, copied content, unauthorized software, doorway pages, or plagiarism.

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