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The SEO Process

Matt Haran, April 20, 2015

SEO Process

WebiMax prides itself on the underlying SEO process by which we approach all of our client’s SEO campaigns. While each client has specific, customized needs, our approach to creating and implementing the right strategy is vital to the success of the campaign. This mindset and attention to detail are what has makes us a top SEO company.steps-01

Phase 1: SEO Analysis

  • Analysis of existing website structure and frequency of indexing from Google
  • Current page rank, age of domain and length of time domain is registered
  • Evaluation of inbound link popularity as well as their quality and relevance
  • Evaluation of outbound link volume and internal linking process
  • Analysis of meta tags, h1 tags and title tags as viewed by search engines
  • Webmaster Tool Account review to identify any immediate hindrances to progress
  • Current website traffic and the keywords which drive organic traffic
  • Competitors in primary keyword verticals
  • Frequency in which content is added/updated
  • Evaluate content as it relates to targeted keywords
  • Discover dynamic pages and improper URL names
  • View existing site maps for accuracy and updated frequency
  • Current Keyword Rankings

Phase 2: Strategy Development

  • Targeted keyword analysis to develop a list of keywords which will be focused on within the campaign based on popularity of search, competition and relevancy to website
  • Review specific changes that are needed to the website itself in regards to the structure or architecture. (Site map, URLs, site hierarchy, title tags, meta/h1 tags, header tags etc.)
  • Determine the overall need for additional content on the website and how detailed and involved this content will need to be
  • Build a detailed link building strategy focusing on varied link sources such as guest blog posts, competitive link analysis, broken link opportunities, relationship outreach, wiki posts and additional sources
  • Development of the Action Plan to begin the campaign

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Initial Strategy Meeting w/client. Introduction to Client Account Manager
  • Finalization of primary keywords to focus upon
  • Commencement of Action Plan as outlined in Phase 2

Phase 4: Management

  • Once your campaign is “live” we will provide weekly updates as to the status of tasks that have been performed on your monthly “Action Plan.”
  • Your Account Manager will be available to discuss your campaign at any point a question should arise.
  • Each month, we will provide you with a detailed overview of all services performed, inbound links developed and a detailed monthly report that outlines organic analytics and rankings movement from the prior month.
  • A follow-up monthly can take place in which results from the prior month are discussed and the “Action Plan” for the next month is reviewed.
  • Every client will be provided access to the WebiMax Client Center that enables them the ability to view tasks, links acquired, rankings and various other analytics in “real-time” via a secure login.


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