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Seounday Roundup 3-25-12

admin, March 25, 2012


I'm sneaking Seounday on you late this week.  I hope everyone is enjoying the new season.  I've noticed a few springy tweeting taking place last week.  Our internal marketing squad had its weekly meeting outdoors.

Todd Bailey, VP of Digital Strategies, leads our internal meetings.  Did you read Todd's post on 10 SEO tips for SMB owners?  Todd writes both on and offsite for WebiMax.  You can catch his at our SEO blog or over at our sister site, SEO services.

Our CEO, Ken Wisnefski, also writes on behalf of WebiMax on a number of other platforms, including The Price of Business site.  You can also read, hear, and see more of Ken from his online marketing media page.

I'm lucky to have great team members across the board.  We feature team members who go above and beyond  in the WebiMax newsletter.  This week, Jeremy Niedt, project manager extraordinaire, received the award.  These are words, by Ken Wisnefski, taken from the newsletter:

For those of you that don’t know Jeremy, he is a project manager here at WebiMax and someone that I feel deserves this recognition. Jeremy has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times to ensure that clients were really taken care of. He spends time outside of work learning more about SEO by attending seminars and has inherited a lot of accounts from our UK office that needed some extra help and he has done a tremendous job on them. A moment that stands out to me with Jeremy is when a client had said that we had “failed them” and Jeremy was truly upset and took the fact that the client was not satisfied personally. That sort of care and interest in always doing right by our clients is something that should be commended as well as his continued dedication to excellence. Jeremy, congrats and keep up the great work!

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