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Social Media Sites Help Individuals Land a Job - Here's What Businesses Can Learn

Jillian Johnson, May 29, 2012

Many are well-aware of the various employment sites available such as Craigslist, Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder to help in the search for a job. Users can look for a job in their related field or industry, and within a certain geographical location. While these sites are a great way to find a job, an individual's social media presence can also help them land a job.

The idea of employers judging an individual's eligibility for a job position according to their interaction on social media sites sounds all too familiar and not something any job-seeking individual wants to see happen. Many keep their social media presence private purposely in order to avoid being found by employers. It's not uncommon for users to change their names on social media sites and use aliases so that employers can't find them. They also keep their information and posts on social media sites private so that only their friends and followers can see. Many go the extra mile of protecting their social media presence in fear that their behavior and interaction on these sites will decrease their chances of landing a job.

While that may be true, there is a flip side to this argument. An individual's social media presence can actually help them increase their chances of landing a job. Social media sites open the door for individuals to show off their knowledge and skills in a particular field as well as their communication skills. This is what employers look for in potential job candidates, so why not flaunt it?

This same concept applies to businesses when looking to gain customers. Businesses use social media sites to help in their marketing strategy and to help their online presence become known. However, how they behave on social media sites can impact whether or not they gain customers. The purpose behind social media sites is to not only showcase a product or service, but to turn visitors into customers. Let's not forget that a business survives because of customers, and without customers, there is no business.

When businesses decide to turn to social media sites to connect with web audiences, it's not so much a matter of just showcasing your products or services, but how you behave on these sites that will draw customers to your site. While you think your business may have much to offer, audiences may believe otherwise. Social media sites allow you to show off your company's knowledge, skills and experience.

So, if your business is involved in social media sites, remember you're under constant review by visitors, and how you behave can lure in or turn away potential customers.


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