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The Business of Brett Favre

Kenneth Wisnefski, May 5, 2009

It seems like we have all been down this road all too many times with Brett Favre. He retires....goes in to hibernation for a few months....then as the new season starts to come closer he gets the proverbial "itch" to come back and play again. The whole concept of it has seem to become the "en vogue" thing to do in sports once Michael Jordan started it back in the 90's but Brett Favre has taken it to a new level.

In thinking about Brett Favre and his constant backtracking on his retirement, I was originally quite disgusted with his actions and wondered if he just did it for attention or what his motivation was behind it all. But as I thought harder about it, I realized something....his mindset is not all that different from that of my own. I have run a few successful businesses...sold them and had the opportunity to perhaps take some time off but I missed the "game" too much. My game is not football like Brett Favre's is...my game is business. I miss the excitement of taking a business from the mere thought process stage and seeing it evolve in to a viable company. Maybe Brett Favre comes back each time to try and get that one more elusive Super Bowl ring and he feels there is more work for him to do and he has not achieved all the personal goals he has set out to achieve. Well, I can appreciate that.

Learning, evolving and finding the better ways to do things is what drives me. While the game I play does not involve throwing a ball...it just as thrilling and competitive to me and something that I too would not want to walk away from.

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