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“The Dirty Secrets of Search”

John Borkowski, February 14, 2011

In an article in today’s New York Times, retailer J.C. Penney gets flagged for their search engine optimization firm using “dirty” tactics to achieve high search results. Just like in any other business, there are questionable and borderline unethical ways to achieve positive results. In major league baseball in particular, we have been hearing so much recently about the use of performance enhancing drugs. Stock brokers participate in “insider trading”. In the SEO industry, there is “performance enhancing drugs” that exists there too!

Through the use of “black hat” optimization, websites can put links to their sites on an abundance of other websites. In this case, J.C. Penney had their links on over 2,000 websites throughout the world, which increased their page ranking within the Google algorithms. This is the cheaters way of achieving higher search results. In the mid-2000s, many webmasters were doing this to achieve higher Page Ranks. After all, who cares as long as the most important thing is to appear #1 in Google, right? Wrong! Google has cracked down on this activity, and although Google won’t admittingly “punish” those who break their rules, be sure that next time you search for a company and they show up #95 instead of #1, consider that the unspoken punishment.

This is the reason why WebiMax is rated the #1 SEO firm in the nation. They do not resort to “easy” or “dirty” ways of properly, efficiently, and ethically carrying out the functions of a search optimization company. Not only recognized as a leader in the industry, but also as a leader in ethical standards. When companies or webmasters are searching for the right SEO firm to contract with, it is vital to ensure the company you are contracting has an outstanding record and code of ethics. Don’t be reserved to ask “may I see your code of ethics?” Most SEO companies don’t even have a published code and that can tell enough of the story. WebiMax prides themselves as being nationally and internationally recognized for ethical standards.

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