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The Importance of Writing Blogs

John Borkowski, May 4, 2011

Although somewhat comical that our blog post today is on the importance of writing them, we at WebiMax strive to provide additional resources and information that people can use and benefit from. Now, on to today’s topic, the Importance of Using Blogs:

Since we’re a search engine optimization (seo) company, let us start there. It is understood in the SEO world that blogs attract the attention of search engines faster than static HTML pages. And getting your pages found and indexed is a vital step in getting ranked higher on search engine results pages. As you create new static pages on your website, create a new blog post that links to each new page using the primary keyword of the static page as the anchor text. Important right? Furthermore:

This support system can help get your static pages indexed by alerting search engines via RSS, ping services, and social media, while the link on the blog post provides a relevant path to the new page.

Do you have older pages that still have yet to be indexed? Use this technique to create a new awareness for both search engines and visitors!

Not only is it justified from an SEO background, you also need to establish your credibility in your field. People want to absorb as much information as possible today, and make sure their making the most informed buying decision (with the products you offer and trusting the seller). The best way to win-over potential buyers, is to discuss topics, industry, products, etc. in which your business operates. You’re #1 goal with this is to establish your credibility on the web and to increase your website traffic.

Blogs are considered “content rich” because they use are usually written in everyday, casual language, versus how a magazine or literary work is written. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to buy from people they know, so emphasizing your expertise in your field is a must!

Special thanks to Chris Countey, SEO Developer at WebiMax for his contributions in today’s Blog. Chris writes a personal blog and can be followed on Twitter @iysodotnet

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