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The Social Media Phenomenon on iOS 6 & Windows 8

WebiMax Contributor, June 27, 2012

Apple and Microsoft may be long-time competitors, but they will soon have a common denominator in Facebook. Both companies recently announced the upcoming release of their new mobile operating systems, which are both set to feature extensive Facebook integration. For Facebook, its users and digital marketers, this is undoubtedly great news. However, it will also substantially impact other brands, as well.

Apple & Microsoft
The two most prominent developers of operating systems in the world will remain as competitive as ever going forward in 2012 and into 2013. The mobile version of Windows 8 and iOS 6 are both looking to capitalize on the social media trend. Apple has even designed a new mapping application in conjunction with local search engine and social network Yelp in order to gain even more momentum in the social market. Microsoft's social functionality goes even further. The "People" application allows users to interact and engage on various networks from their desktop without the use of a Web browser or third-party apps. Currently, Apple maintains 32% of the mobile OS market share, with Windows Phone trailing at 5%. Will the increased presence of social media help Windows capture a larger percentage of the market? Microsoft is certainly counting on it.

This week, Android OS 4.1 was announced at Googles IO 2012 conference. While Android-enabled smartphones and tablets currently dominate the mobile space with a 40% market share; a lack of social media integration in the next iteration of the operating system could affect sales and diminish Google's mobile presence.

Other announcements today from Google IO 2012

  • Google Play hits 600k Apps
  • Nexus 7 with 4.1 at starting price of $199
  • Nexus Q to stream media at $299
  • Google+ optimized for tablet
  • Project Glass (Augmented Reality) @ $1500 for attendees at IO2012

The next generation of mobile operating systems will certainly enhance mobile traffic and user engagement on networks such as Facebook. Regardless of which platform emerges as the industry leader in terms of sales and usage, it's safe to say that social media will be a significant factor in the success of Windows 8 and iOS 6.

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