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Twitter Broadens Horizons With Music–Pepsi Partnership, Increasing Global Reach

Ryan Buddenhagen, June 4, 2012

Twitter continues to assert its importance and as a result, it receives a great deal of attention from SEO agencies, social media experts across the board, and us here at WebiMax. All social platforms are evolving and responding to what customers want, but Facebook and Twitter seem to trying to stay ahead of the curve constantly pushing their offerings and what can be done on their platforms. Case in point - Twitter’s new partnership with Pepsi whereby the social platform is the medium for connecting customers to Pepsi’s “Live for Now” global music campaign.

This is a great move for both parties. For Pepsi, it is functional, great for branding as a hip music supporter, and delivers compelling content to their customers. For Twitter, it is a perfect use of their technology and gets them working with a big name player like Pepsi and also exemplifies the relevance of their platform, and surely will give a bump to the number of users on the platform. For Twitter, the glowing endorsement and assertion of the platform as the “quintessential 'now-time' media” by Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo.’s Global Beverage Group is a huge positive and barometer of its place in social and internet activity

The “Live for Now” campaign brings music to Twitter users through multiple means. First, a short-form video series being made available every Wednesday over a 52 week period will profile music, artists, and news that is trending that particular week on Twitter. Users will also be able to access free music downloads from Amazon.com’s MP3 Store each week by following @pepsi and using #PepsiMusicNOW as a hashtag in their individual tweets. Additionally, a Pepsi pop-up concert series will occur in the US during the summer and fall months. The concerts will have big name artists and will be announced on twitter streamed on Pepsi’s profile page live.

Companies large and small can learn from this partnership. They do not necessarily need to partner with such a large player to make a difference, but can use Twitter in much the same way as the “Live for Now” campaign will. They can schedule compelling content, using various media…video, photos, music, and written content. It is up to the companies themselves and the quality SEO vendors and social media experts that they work with to determine exactly the content and frequency of the posts. If partnerships are possible though, do them, if not for anything else other than the fact that the follower bases will be joined increasing exposure and cross-over follower acquisition.

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