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WebiMax CEO Discusses American Jobs Act

John Borkowski, September 9, 2011

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, a serial web Entrepreneur, discusses the American Jobs Act and its role in helping to curve the 9.1% unemployment rate. Wisnefski, a small business owner, leads WebiMax as the #1 rated search engine optimization firm in the United States. He defends the Act stating “President Obama is taking necessary steps to force congress to act now before America continues its downtrend in economic uncertainty”, and further states “businesses both small and large are reluctant to head forward due to their hesitancy to adapt to change”.

President Obama, in a speech to a joint session of congress and a struggling nation, called upon legislators to start acting now, before the country slips into further economic uncertainty. The proposed $447 billion jobs package offers tax incentives to small businesses that hire and provide raises to their personnel. The Act also discusses the vital role that small businesses and Entrepreneurs play in the recovery.

“Small businesses and the private sector can help lead the United States back to lower unemployment”, states Wisnefski, an Entrepreneur on his 3rd profitable startup since 2001. “As a small business owner, we all have the duty to continue to hire U.S. citizens and keep American workers at home”.

There are some additional roadblocks, however, that Wisnefski states hinders many businesses from hiring.

“Many small businesses have not adapted to change and wonder why their revenue is falling”, exclaims Wisnefski. “Social Media is replacing traditional communication and marketing tactics. Online advertising and pay per click management services are replacing outdated methods of advertising on a billboard. Who is growing faster, AT&T, or Facebook?”

Innovating and adapting are the most crucial elements to growing a business at present.

“At WebiMax, we saw the change in dynamics several years ago and leveraged search engine optimization, social media, ecommerce, and other online marketing services to launch off our pad in 2008 to become one of America’s fastest growing companies. Our revenue is up 15,000% since our inception in 2008 and we employ over 150 staff (up from 4 at start), all because our products are in high demand by companies adapting to the change”, states Wisnefski.

President Obama also stated that the Act will cut payroll taxes in half in 2012 for small businesses that hire. In addition, he stated that the Act will provide a jolt to an economy that needs to be restarted.

“I applaud The President’s intent and willingness to do what he can but ultimately this requires much more. The ‘jolt’ that the U.S. economy needs is also for Entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus on what they can do internally to grow their business. At WebiMax, we took highly skilled and talented candidates and trained them in to the roles that we needed filled. Although the American Jobs Act certainly provides financial incentives to businesses, I feel companies need to continue to evaluate how they can improve their position, innovate, and push forward”, concludes Wisnefski.

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Ken Wisnefski is a seasoned web entrepreneur and a frequent contributor to news outlets and business publications. Ken’s vast knowledge of how to make online businesses succeed has made him a sought after consultant from businesses wishing to improve their online initiatives. Contact pr@webimax.com to collaborate!


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