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WebiMax Launches New Website, WebiMax.UK

September 29, 2011

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced that the company launched a new website in the United Kingdom, WebiMax.UK. The U.S. based leader in search engine marketing completed a global expansion in April, 2011, including opening a European operations center in London. Wisnefski addressed the company in an email stating “I am pleased to announce that our internal team of developers have designed and launched WebiMax.UK which will support our operations across Europe”.

The launch of the new website came at a strong point of the company’s presence in the UK, as independent review organization TopSeos.com recently rated WebiMax the top rated Landing Page Optimization, Reputation Management, and Web Design firm in the United Kingdom.

“Our European operations have been tremendously successful thus far for WebiMax, as our office in London is fully staffed and we average 50 new client acquisitions each month in Europe”, states Wisnefski. “I expect us to continue to experience considerable growth in the U.K. as the demand for quality online marketing services continues to surge”.

During the global expansion initiative that took place in April, 2011, the company also opened operations centers in Australia, Canada, and Spain.

“We’ve grown at such a rapid rate in the United States and I chose to expand to these markets due to the fact that they lack quality (and ethical) search engine optimization firms”, states Wisnefski. “2011 is our best year as of yet and I expect to have strong Q4 financials to report to our private investors and strategic partners, come year end”, concludes Wisnefski.

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