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WebiMax Releases Online Resource Site for Ethical SEO

John Borkowski, October 3, 2011

WebiMax launched WebiMax scams as an online resource to provide consumers with necessary information regarding the safety of search engine optimization. Since there is no specific regulation for the SEO industry, some firms may take advantage of their client to falsely achieve higher search engine ranking. Sometimes it is challenging to determine if the firm is practicing “black-hat” (unethical) or “white-hat” (ethics) optimization. The negative results of being victimized of black-hat optimization are detrimental to the consumer’s online presence, as search engines (including Google) typically send them to the last page of their search results.

This online resource is one of 4 recently launched sites that help to educate the consumer to multiple considerations within the search engine optimization industry. Last week, the company also announced the release of WebiMax reviews and WebiMax complaints.
The most important part of contracting with an SEO firm is to ensure they have a Code of Ethics posted somewhere on their website. Also, an Exclusivity policy is a nice addition to any reputable firm. This means the company is committed to only working with 1 client in a respective industry. It would be, after all, quite challenging to increase a client’s visibility while trying to increase their competitors.

Google has taken the necessary steps to combatting unscrupulous firms that are involved in black-hat SEO. They released the Panda Update to target and penalize those firms that conduct this.

WebiMax will continue to release similar websites that provide an online resource for the consumer.

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