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What (and Who) is Making the Internet a Less Dangerous and more Prosperous Space

Robert Gibb, October 16, 2013

When I mention the Internet and danger, I'm not referring to explicit content; I'm also not referring to the addictiveness of Netflix or the questionable sources of premium TV shows I don't have to pay for. What I'm talking about is textual content that's sloppy, uninformative and produced with the sole intention of acquiring higher search engine rankings, not of educating and engaging online users.

As a creative web writer, I can't think of anything more dangerous than lackluster textual web content. Or maybe the right word is disgusting.

Yes, when I read blog posts, whitepapers and articles written without care, attention and passion, it disgusts me. But that's beside the point, because I realize that not everyone is a web writer or shares this attitude. However, almost everyone is an online reader and, as such, is affected negatively by valueless web content. The reason that content written for the purpose of obtaining higher search results is dangerous is because

  • it often gets the facts wrong
  • it offers nothing to the reader except wasted time
  • it pollutes the Internet like toxins pollute the atmosphere and our bodies

This is the kind of content my fellow WebiMax writers and I stay away from. Instead, we produce web content that's SEO-friendly primarily because of its user value – not because of how many keywords it squeezes in between filler text.

Because of writers like us and the brilliant world of search engine technology, the Internet is becoming less polluted by poor content.

We're Fighting the Good Fight

When I read an article on the Internet, I expect it to be either informative, interesting, entertaining or a combination of the three, and I'm sure the entire WebiMax writing team agrees with me on this. Actually, I know they do because we're taught to write content that we'd actually want to read ourselves. And after I read anything produced by my peers, I leave the page feeling informed, excited, entertained or, more often than not, a combination of all three.

By producing content we'd actually read, we're making the Internet a prosperous space that can be trusted -- not just by search engines, but by anyone with access to the Internet who is ready to open his or her mind to the seeming infinity of online space.

When we write with purpose and passion, we obtain the best results for our clients. By taking their unique business ideas and combining them with our writing skill and knowledge of what's relevant, we attract organic traffic, social signals (likes, tweets, shares) and, consequently, the attention of the most powerful search engines. You could say we help to redefine what SEO copy and content writing really are every time we write. With this approach and the help of smarter search engines, we put worthy content at the forefront of search and bury the garbage content far beneath.

The Evolving Search Engine is Helping Us

Google's objective is to lead search engine users to websites that fulfill their needs and desires, not to unhelpful content. This ethic is great for online users and, additionally, makes it harder for soulless SEO "writers" to succeed at ranking high in search. Google's recent Hummingbird algorithm update is a testament to the company's ongoing mission to deliver useful results instead of keyword-focused rubbish.

In addition to Google, there are other promising new search engines focused on providing online users with awesome content.

Have you heard of Blippex?

Blippex is a new kind of search engine that ranks websites based on bounce rate instead of keywords, phrases and links. If this isn't a sign for web writers with old habits to change their strategies, I don't know what is.

Do you know of anything (or anyone) else that's making the Internet "less dangerous." If so, drop a line!

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