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What I Discussed (and Learned) at Last Night’s Agile SEO Meetup

Bruce Rymshaw, November 13, 2012

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak at the fourth Agile SEO – South Jersey Meetup of 2012 at the WebiMax HQ in Mt. Laurel, NJ and thanks to the great audience and my fellow presenters, Ryan Buddenhagen, Chris Countey and Bill Slawski (who offered a thorough SEO audit to one of our attendees), it’s safe to say that this was one of our best meetups yet!

My presentation, entitled, “Future Shock:  How Rich Content & Public Relations Will Change Online Marketing” offered a glimpse into two key components of emerging digital marketing strategies.  The increase of both video and PR within Internet marketing campaigns and greater consumer interest in those services has put them on the radar of many SEO developers and will help solidify their position in the industry.  Additionally, the authoritative backlinks within press releases and online news articles and the ever-increasing prevalence of video packs within universal search results are making them less esoteric to traditional SEO developers.

The Role of Video
Although I’m definitely not the first guy in the digital marketing industry to support the use of video as a marketing tool, but I do stand firmly behind its value as a resource to business owners looking to enhance their visibility.  In my presentation, I discussed YouTube’s growing presence on the Web and how Google’s AdWords for Video has heavily been promoted as of late.  At this point, the value of rich content is virtually immeasurable and every business should utilize video marketing and advertising online in order to create a stronger brand identity and captivate the attention of a larger consumer base.

Public Relations in SEO
I introduced the topic of PR during my presentation, but Ryan really elaborated on the subject and explained how it integrates flawlessly into many SEO campaigns.  By issuing media pitches and press release which utilize important keywords, brand names and key figures within the company, it’s possible to achieve backlink placement on high-quality, relevant and authoritative sites.  Beyond that, PR provides credibility to brands and individuals within those companies, as well.

The Site Analysis with Bill Slawski & Chris Countey
Watching Chris and Bill put their expertise to use during the SEO analysis they performed was a great learning experience for me and virtually everyone else in attendance.  Even to the most knowledgeable SEO tacticians, Chris and Bill offered very useful insights into the process of determining a page’s SEO performance.

All-in-all, last night’s Agile SEO Meetup was an entertaining, informative experience and I can’t wait to see what our host Chris has in store next month.  Stay tuned!

View the full presentation from last night’s meetup on SlideShare here and as always, feel free to reach out to me via email: brymshaw@webimax.com or on Twitter @brwebimax with any questions or comments!

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