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Why You Must Stop Reading and Make a Call

admin, May 9, 2012


Are you lost in your head regarding SEO, Penguins, Searching Plus 'Your World,' contradictory suggestions, etc?  It's cool.  I sympathize with business owners.  I must bushwhack my way through a series of digital pages per day on germane topics.  It can be mazelike; the further you're in, the increasingly perplexing it becomes.

Such is the reason to stop reading similar, somewhat differing, completely contrasting, completely off the charts, and other kinds of suggestions related to what YOU need to do with your online marketing endeavors.

Please stop the ongoing reading.  It's going to get more confusing.  This is why you need to place a call:

Marketers Market You Regarding Marketing
Let me do some deconstructing of the situation of online marketing.  Basically, you're running a business and need to draw attention to your goods/services.  Great, I understand.

In order to do so, you must seek the help of yet another BUSINESS, just like yours.  People that want to sell you on your need.  They have a need too!  Online marketers need to perpetuate a business too.  In this scenario, YOU are to THEM as your customers are to you.  Savvy?

How are we getting you to take interest in online marketing?  We're discussing online strategies…in a general fashion…because we need to…otherwise it would be a 'case study.'

So, I can understand how many can be confused, asking, "Well, how does this help me specifically?"  It most likely cannot!  The information is not specific TO YOU!

How does it become specific?  You make a call and have a conversation. That way, you can ask specific questions, which pertain to your immediate business predicament!

Disproportionate Verticals
Would I give the same suggestions to a five-year brand offering business consulting and a photography startup?  Maybe on a very general level; aside from that, most likely not!  How could I?  They're totally different entities!  I need more information about their immediate situation, short-term, and long-term goals!

I read all this general fluff about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter…and the like.  Yes THEY ARE ALL AVAILABLE TOOLS.  Should you invest resources into them?  IT DEPENDS.  I can't provide a definitive, real-to-life answer through a post addressing a broad base of business owners.  No one can.

Do you really want to know what YOU can do with Pinterest?  You must discuss your respective situation with a consultant who is familiar with the marketing tool.  Otherwise, information is highly generalized.  It's akin to someone suggesting me to 'talk to girls' to get a date.  Um…that's it?  Or is there more to it?

It's Free!
People don't like committing right away.  Most marketers understand.  That's why many will initially speak with you for FREE!  Why would you not take advantage?  Take what they have to offer.  Make these online marketing entities 'work' for your increased interest and potential account.  Get 'real' information about YOUR particular situation.

It's great when I read how this marketer did this and another writer did that.  Would it work for me in my situation right now?  That's what I ask. You should be making progress too.  Marketing is only going to become more robust and complicated for the read-only owners.  Stop reading and make a call; make several calls.  Get a better idea of online marketing by aligning the generalizations with your specific brand and juncture.

Thank you for reading.

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Ken Wisnefski is a seasoned web entrepreneur and a frequent contributor to news outlets and business publications. Ken’s vast knowledge of how to make online businesses succeed has made him a sought after consultant from businesses wishing to improve their online initiatives. Contact pr@webimax.com to collaborate!


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