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Will You Chirpify?

WebiMax Contributor, February 15, 2012

As I discussed in my last post, Twitter is quickly becoming an essential tool in SEO marketing campaigns. A new service, Chirpify, only serves to validate that, and takes the advertising – and selling – of a business's products or services to the next level.

Previously titled Sell Simp.ly, Chirpify is a service that facilitates commerce between businesses and customers via Twitter. It is not simply a way by which businesses can advertise their products, and gain visibility for them. With Chirpify, a business tweets about a product or service for sale or donation, and a customer who is interested in the product simply tweets "buy", "pay", or "donate" back to the business's Twitter account – and a transaction is made.

So how exactly does Chirpify work? The service actually links to a user's Paypal account to carry out the transactions. This further ensures the safety, efficiency, and viability of it. In effect, buying a product from a business is as easy as a single Tweet. This action has a high appeal for both consumers and businesses, and Chirpify is already garnering a great deal of attention by being featured on TechCrunch and Mashable, among other tech news websites.

When it comes to your own company's SEO campaign, would you consider using Chirpify? You might want to wait a bit to see how effective this service turns out to be for other businesses, before you try it for your own. As with any service offered by a startup, there are likely to be some initial kinks that will need to be sorted out, and which can only happen through the actual use of it.

However, Chirpify has the potential to contain a great deal of SEO value. Just consider this scenario: you send a carefully-crafted, SEO-enhanced Tweet selling a product to your followers, but which ends up attracting anyone on Twitter who is searching for that particular product. Suddenly, you have many new additions to your customer base on Twitter. When you think about it, it's incredible to even say that you have a customer base on Twitter….Chirpify can make this a reality for your business.

As already mentioned, it's best to take some time to truly evaluate this service before allowing your business to jump on the Chirpify train. But it's quite likely that Chirpify could be the newest great addition to your SEO campaign.

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