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Would Bo Know SEO?

admin, January 27, 2012

Remember Bo Jackson?  I sure do; I ripped through his Bo Knows biography with the fervor of a twelve-year-old kid, mesmerized by a titan of a multi-dimensional athlete.  Along with popular trends of the day, such as French-rolled jeans and Umbro shorts, I was into the 'Bo knows' commercials and campaign.

It was creative and Bo Jackson was the prime candidate to serve as face-man for the marketing sentiment.  Today, most online marketing professionals have to emulate the jack-of-all-trades sentiment of the 'Bo knows' campaign.  It's of paramount importance, integral to success that an SEO knows a variety of things.

Naturally, to become a multi-dimensional all star like Bo, SEOs need to put in the training.  Great clients and savvy businesspeople don't place the entire online marketing campaign in the hands of providers; they also put in the time to understand trends and best practices.  SMB owners interested in search engine optimization and online success, should be asking, "What would Bo know?"

Bo knows SEs

Bo would know about the major search engines and how consumers are engaging each.  In deciding upon successful SE strategies, it's important to understand each has its own set of "rules" or guidelines.  If you adhere to the suggestions, your site(s) will slowly but surely secure more authority and SERP exposure related to respective products and services.  But don' spend too much energy here; there's more to "know." Plus, a lot of respected sources agree that a brand needs to spend less time worrying about SEs and more time on addressing customers.

Bo knows social

In the early nineties, you gave out buddy bands to show your allegiance toward friends and others; today, you "like," "follow," and "one up" them by engaging social media sites.  Facebook and Twitter have quickly become bastions of real-time information and platforms for cyber, 'word-of-mouse' marketing; and, oh yeah, you probably want to give Google+ some love too.  Just remember social media sites are to be used in a social fashion.  Don't neglect your customers; be sociable with them.

Bo knows copywriting

With a plethora of 'content' options (videos, infographs, podcasts, and more) I should really tweak 'copywriting' to 'content implementation.'  Online content is how your brand relays information to interested consumers.  I suggest using a number of implementations to engage your crowd, much like a teacher would engage a classroom.  Be careful with stale, ad-dense, low-converting copy; don't assume throwing keyword-drenched pages on your sites is a way to attract engines and eventually consumers.  Neither enjoys bad content; the latter won't be interested in your brand and is likely to bounce off your pages, but the former will get animalistic on you.

Bo knows branding

I personally take an intense interest in branding and reputation management.  They're both very important because as suggested above, a successful brand is going to attend to customers foremost when it comes to online marketing; SEs are a means to the brand-to-customer-engagement end.  Brand management involves creating associations for the general public and envelopes products, services, logos, mission statements, CEOs, employees, and more (anything connected to your brand).  The Web is a rich source of information; consider any consumer can get their virtual hands on information in real time and you got yourself an unwavering necessity to pay close attention to how your brand is exuding sentiments and how those are received by consumers.


The Web doesn't sleep.  Online professionals take a break,  even all stars need rest, but make sure you're continuously training and attending to the 'knows' of SEO and online marketing.

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