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Your Page Rankings are in Danger, But Don't Panic Just Yet

Jason Wersits, April 10, 2012

It seems not a week can go by without Google raising more alarms within the SEO community. Online businesses that have been watching their web analytics over the last few weeks may have noticed some alarming trends. Traffic has been dropping steadily for many online companies and the page rankings have been falling along with it. While not everyone has been affected by these disturbing trends just yet, more and more pages are experiencing the impact of Google's constant search engine revisions.

Just this past weekend, webmasters checked their analytics to find that their sites were hit severely by what many suspect is a silently rolled-out Google search engine update. From Friday through Sunday, site traffic and Google referrals changed so dramatically that a fair bit of speculation has been made as to whether Google has already begun implementing its long-promised search algorithm overhauls. While no one can say for certain whether the weekend's traffic trends were a result of the Easter holiday or something nefarious from within Google itself, the fact is that many people have already begun to panic once more.

Times are Changing and SEO is Changing with It

Regardless of whether your company's website is already SEO friendly or has yet to be optimized for search engine relevance, the fact is that every site online today will need to be prepared for the coming months. Many businesses and even some webmasters still haven't heard the news of Google's upcoming massive Panda update, which will include revisions to punish sites with excessive SEO activity. Because of the update, everyone is waiting on pins and needles as countless search engine result pages will appear radically different in only a few weeks' time. So how does one best prepare for the future?

As WebiMax continues to revise its own SEO development practices for the upcoming Panda update, we strongly recommend that every online business and organization owner revises his or her own web content. In the past, internet companies could observe simple SEO practices and implement them in order to create more search engine friendly sites. Yet with Google radically revamping how its search algorithm operates, many of the techniques the SEO industry has come to rely upon are going to fall by the wayside very soon.

We have the Solutions you Seek

Always forward-thinking and progressive, WebiMax has been working overtime with its clients to better prepare them for the looming threat of the new Google algorithm. Our staff of expert SEO developers and project managers works together with businesses to provide exceptional local SEO support and a design process that yields proven results every time. Even though the future may be an unsure time for many internet companies, we are able to provide a little peace of mind in the days ahead. With Webimax here to help, no online business owner needs to panic.

If you're more curious about the upcoming Panda updates, we suggest reading more about it. We are proud to offer a great overview on the topic. It can be read here.

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