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A Strong Follower Base is the Key to Social Media Success

Jason Wersits, May 4, 2012

Social Media WriteboardDespite the immense popularity of social networks, often times many companies find that their social media listings only get visited by a handful of people on a regular basis. Every SEO company these days strongly recommends that its clients actively participate in media sharing on networks such as Facebook or Google+, but these agencies usually end up only getting mixed results themselves when performing social media campaigns. While one could try to chalk up this whole situation as being a consequence of market saturation, the fact remains that most faltering social media listings are a result of low audience capture.

In the world of social media, whom you're speaking to carries just as much weight as what's being talked about. While a website's keywords and SERP ranking can bring in visitors with little to no effort, a social media company's work needs to be custom tailored for the right groups for it to be successful. Fortunately, connecting to potential users is easy when one knows how to find them. With the right habits, any troubled social network listing can get the followers it needs to thrive.

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends
On the internet, news and trending topics spread at speeds which are simply staggering, but on social networks that rate is exponentially greater. All one needs to do is look at Twitter for examples of this. From political topics to scandal and entertainment news, media site trends come and go suddenly and often without warning. While some popular hashtags can remain active for more than two or three days, these are rarities on Twitter.

While many people have difficulty anticipating what will be the next big thing on their social network of choice, paying attention to events such as upcoming movie releases or major political rallies can be quite helpful. For example, at the moment the new Marvel film The Avengers is breaking box office records and is a hugely popular topic on Twitter and Facebook. Leading to the movie's release, there was a ton of advertising that fed into its hype. Anyone who was paying attention to these marketing efforts could have used the growing trend to bolster their own social media efforts.

Be a Social Butterfly
One of the advantages of social networking comes from being able to interact with interest groups or fan bases within just a few keystrokes. Websites such as Google+ and Facebook offer streamlined interfaces for locating hobbyists and interested users. Simply by regularly interacting with certain groups or organizations, the odds of users coming to a company's social media listing and following it improve dramatically.

An added bonus of being constantly active on social networks is having a venue through which to share new content and online properties for possible visitors. Should a company have a blog or community website, Facebook is also a great place to post media from those sites. Status updates featuring relevant content are capable of bringing in additional traffic as well as earning followers.

These are just a few ways that companies can strengthen their social media listings. For additional details, I can be contacted at jwersits@webimax.com.

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