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3 Things Your Blog Needs to Stand Out

Jillian Johnson, September 19, 2012

The popularity of blogging continues to grow with countless new blogs created each year and massive spikes of traffic making its way to blogs. Businesses have also recognized the many benefits that a blog provides their business. A blog allows businesses to easily and quickly reach a large online audience. Blogs not only help generate traffic, but also give a business more online exposure and increase a business's credibility. Also, online audiences favor blog content because it delivers a more personal message to readers in which readers feel connected and valued.

Great blog content is what heavily attracts online audiences. Through blogs, businesses can provide information and their thoughts on their latest product or service, and inform readers about the latest news in the industry or their business. However, while business may produce stellar content, there are other important elements that a blog should consist of to make it stand out. While blogging is nothing new, competition is still alive and fierce with businesses trying to capture the interest of online audiences.

If you want your business blog to stand out, here are three things your blog needs:

  1. About us page
    What if, after reading your blog, audiences want to learn more about your business? Unless you write a blog post discussing your business, audiences won't learn about your business. To help readers learn about your business, your blog should include an "About us" page. You can discuss when your business was created, your company's mission, and step into some detail about what your business does, and your products and/or services. Another page you may want to include is a "Contact us" page should readers have any questions or want to learn more.
  2. Comments section
    Nothing turns away online readers easier than the inability to voice their opinion or comment on a blog post. Allowing online audiences to comment helps them feel appreciated and valued. Also, don't just let comments sit there; respond back to them. If you end up receiving a myriad of comments, in order to respond to all, create a blog post that answers their questions and responds to their comments.
  3. Social media engagement
    In order to give your blog more online exposure and help online audiences become more familiar with your business, make sure your blog has your social media sites on it that readers can easily click on and be directed to your social media sites. Also, be sure your posts have share buttons so that readers can share your posts via social media.

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