Develop Pinterest in Your SEO Marketing Campaign

Develop Pinterest in Your SEO Marketing Campaign

Are you Pinterest(ed) yet? The biggest news from the past few weeks has centered on the social media site Pinterest, and its huge potential value to SEO marketing for companies. Are you a business owner who is just starting to get familiar with this newly popular technology? Feeling stumped as to how you can best apply this new social media tool to your company’s SEO campaign? Take a look below at other businesses that are effectively utilizing Pinterest to market their businesses online.

Sweet Pickins
Formerly known as Show and Tell, Sweet Pickins is a one-woman company whose founder beautifully refinishes furniture and then sells it. Their Pinterest board is filled with images of the company’s many pieces of beautifully re-worked furniture, ideal for an audience of people looking to re-decorate their homes, or who are simply on the hunt for lovely furniture for their houses. Take a look at the Sweetpickinsfurniture Pinterest board here.

This company’s specialty is in creating fully customized and unique rings for its clients, who choose the designs, specific gems, and metals that they want for their pieces. Gemvara has 38 boards on Pinterest, all categorized by different themes. Most feature images of the company’s creations, while a few offer pictures of new fashion, makeup, and jewelry trends. In any case, Gemvara has truly established an excellent platform for attracting new business with its Pinterest boards. Click here to check out the company’s account.

This Seattle-based company led by two extraordinary women is not only a boutique nail salon but a producer and distributer of gorgeous nail polishes that are completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins. This beauty-with-a-mission brand has 21 boards on Pinterest categorized by various themes. Some of Julep’s boards correspond to its product subscription service, providing an excellent avenue for both customer engagement and retention efforts. Check out Julep’s Pinterest account here.

Don’t be misled into thinking that Pinterest boards are restricted solely to marketing businesses offering interior decoration services, jewelry, fashion and beauty products. The company GE proves that there is plenty of space on the social media site for companies in technology, energy, and other industries to expand their SEO online marketing campaigns into. GE (General Electric) maintains six boards on Pinterest, ranging from its best kitchen appliances (and resulting treats) to important machines in history. Click here to take a look at the company’s account.

So there you have it – just a few excellent examples of how businesses have started leveraging Pinterest to meet their online marketing needs. Head on over to the growing site today, for more examples on how Pinterest can benefit businesses.

  • I absolutely HATE the new Pinterest set up. I find it totally uninspiring to see a partial picture with four more which may or may not work with the one larger one. I have been a Pinterest "queen” with 139 boards, 16,775 post and 677 followers (which I am sure is not accurate because that number has not changed in ages). I enjoyed looking on the left-hand side to see who was pinning from my boards and had gotten to the point where I knew a lot of them with similar taste. I would see their names and check out what was new with them. I also took the time to write a note/comment to those who wrote one to me. I lived overseas many years and found it lovely to touch base with people from all over the world. Shame on Pinterest they have stolen my joy. I do not know if I will continue. Where can I write to complain effectively?

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