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Discovery of Male Users on Pinterest Yield Insights on Potential Marketing Tactics

WebiMax Contributor, March 28, 2012

When it comes to Pinterest, far too many people insist that the image-sharing site is mainly geared towards a female user base, especially one which falls within the middle age bracket. However, there have finally been some facts presented to disprove that myth. A recent article from Mashable features a slideshow of 11 men who are all heavy users and big fans of Pinterest. Their activity on the site serves as evidence that Pinterest has appeal to both men and women.

In fact, by taking a look at what male Pinterest users choose to pin about, it can be deduced that Pinterest does not actually attract more of one gender than the other, but actually attracts certain types of individuals with similar hobbies, tastes and interests. Understanding this piece of information can be very crucial for businesses that are looking to include Pinterest marketing campaigns as important components of their SEO strategies.

The great thing about studying the Pinterest boards of male users is that researchers can identify the interests shared by both men and women. For example, a very popular shared interest is food. A majority of the male Pinterest users featured in the Mashable article have at least one board, if not more, that is devoted to images of food. Boards that are dedicated to food images and recipes are definitely popular among female Pinterest users. Thus, it can be concluded that both men and women enjoy pinning images of food, not one more than the other.

Another common interest among both men and women on Pinterest are images of interior spaces and their decorations. In other words, interior design is a popular subject on the image-sharing website. Many of the already-mentioned male Pinterest users have boards on this theme, and larger numbers of female Pinterest users have been found with the same. A second conclusion can be made that both men and women enjoy pinning images of interior design subjects.

Businesses can really take away a lot from these findings. Not only companies in the food and interior design industries, but those in related ones, can optimize their own Pinterest boards and accounts to attract the large interested user base on the website. Take the time to consider how you company can take advantage of these findings to enhance its own SEO marketing initiatives.

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