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Diversifying Content on Different Social Media Outlets is Key to Good Marketing

WebiMax Contributor, April 3, 2012

Social media networking sites are forever developing new affiliations with each other to better enhance their users' experiences. The most recent ones to do so are Tumblr and Facebook, as reported in a recent Mashable article. The two websites have announced a new feature that will making the sharing of blog posts from Tumblr much easier on Facebook's new Timeline format. Users of Tumblr can activate this from their Tumblr accounts.

The ability to automatically transfer posts from Tumblr into Facebook has already long been available. The only difference here is that Tumblr has tweaked the process to better adjust to the new Timeline that Facebook introduced at the beginning of this year. This change in the feature does not only affect individual users, but businesses as well. I will take this opportunity to discuss an aspect of social media marketing that all too often passes over the heads of many SEO marketers.

There are many businesses that already use Tumblr as a great promotional tool for their products or services, and as one of many components of their social media marketing strategies. In managing a variety of different networks for a single brand, there is one important thing that marketers must keep in mind: each channel must display content that is unique from all others.

When a marketer is managing so many different social media networks for a company, it is tempting to post the same content on each and every channel. However, this is only really acceptable for promotions, sales, and things of that nature. It has been shown in many cases that posting unique content to each network is essential to drawing in more visitors, and keeping them interested in your brand. When visitors see the same content on each page, however, they are less likely to visit it again.

In regards to Tumblr and Facebook, if you have set up an automatic transfer of Tumblr posts to Facebook, make sure they both have exclusively unique content. Having the same content show up multiple times in your Facebook fans' news feeds will very likely cause them to lose interest in your brand page.

It has already been said: content is king when it comes to SEO. Make sure to diversify the content of all your social media profiles.

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