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Good Social Media Usage Observations

admin, March 23, 2012


Are you being smart with social media usage?  Wake up!  There is a whole social world going on within the Web each day. Workers, cohorts, and potential clients leverage Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites on a regular basis.  I myself am a big fan of Twitter.  The online marketing industry is very active on the platform.  I regularly catch blog posts I previously had not read, get great insights from peers, and meet new and knowledgeable personalities.

I'm a keen observer.  I've been watching some brands on Twitter.  I've observed notions I like and dislike but enjoy being positive; so, here are some things I see working well; you may consider integrating the following into your online marketing endeavors.

I've been observing the Cadbury's social media usage since January.  I think the brand is doing an awesome job of engaging followers through clever and fun wordplay.  I'm an all-day-sucker for sweet wordplay.  Cadbury UK first caught my attention during its "Goo Games."  (Yes, the brand created the meme, #googames too).  Followers were tweeting examples of competition suggestions for the Goo Games:

@CadburyUK The high dive: some spectators were egging Shelly on but others were gooing her off the board. Nonetheless, she decided to goo.

The Cadbury-brand Twitter handle was 'egging' followers on:

Thanks for your egg-cellent #GooGames suggestions, keep ‘em coming! – From Cadbury UK Twitter account

Lately, I've noticed the Cadbury brand leveraging more Twitter handles.  I'm pretty sure it's going to make for more re-tweeting and consumer engagement.

Blue Glass
Many people in online marketing know about the Blue Glass brand due to its consulting and promotion excellence.  Lately I've noticed Blue Glass employee and associate avatars.

Thanks! RT @content_muse@blueglass IMO has crafty on/offsite avatars (branding) - you immediately recognize their crew- nicely done

In essence, the company is branding itself and its members, making them immediately recognizable on the Twitter platform, ushering the recognition and respect the company has built along with them.  Great job of branding your social media accounts, Blue Glass!

Sugar Rae
Rae Hoffman-Dolan is an online marketing veteran who uses her online knowledge to help clients and charity.  At present, she is reaching out via Twitter to recruit more people to donate attention and funds to a Heart Walk donation page.  I personally champion the sentiment and those of others who use their businesses and personalities to spread awareness and goodwill.  PointBlankSEO (Jon Cooper) and Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) are two brands/personalities I've noticed contributing to charity as well.

Do you have more ideas?  Have you made your own observations?  I would love to hear about them in the comments.



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