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Hey, You Missed a Marketing Spot

admin, May 22, 2012


So, you wanna successfully leverage online marketing.  How thick is your SEO skin?  Would you mind if I combed over your initiatives with a felt-tipped, red pen.  I used to get 'my red on' regarding student essays.  I wasn't being malicious; as the song goes, 'you gotta be cruel to be kind' sometimes.


I'm going to go ahead and prescribe your medicine.  This may hurt (just) a little; but, it will make you better.  (Pops the top of the pen, stretches, and puts his kinder sentiments on Penguin ice.)


Your Social Media Participation is Awful
Are you Facebook fooling me?  Are you tweetin out of your mind?  The errors are so rampant, I can't include them  in a flowing paragraph.  I need to resort to bullets.

-          You don't engage.  You simply share.

-          You don't share the content of others

-          You handle expresses zero personality, you know those things real people have

-          You follow people just to gain followers then un-follow them.

-          You share the most-popular content, that which everyone else shares


That's a good place to start.  In short, use social media effectively; or, don't use it at all; because, using it in a poor fashion is worsening your state, as if you were better off not engaging at all.  Wow, the irony...


No One's Reading That

I get it.  'Content is king.'  You need content on your site.  Let's plan for good copy.  Nah.  On second thought, let's just throw anything up on the site.  Readers can't tell the difference, right?  (Sighs)  I need to go back to bullets.

-          Your content is incredibly basic, even for laypeople, offering little to no value

-          Your content does not link to other helpful resources

-          You're focused on quantity rather than quality

-          Your site content reads like you're just 'going through the motions' rather than using copy to connect with people

-          You don't devote enough time to the process end-to-end (ideas, research, reflection, etc)


Content is king; but, yours is more like a jester.  Do you want to engage consumers or just host content?  I can tell the difference.  I'm not the only one.  Are you serious about improving your content?  Read the following.

Copywriting Tutorials


You Live in an Online World; But, Goods, Services, and Customers Reside Elsewhere

Don't get too bogged down in search engine obfuscation.'  SEO is marketing using a search engine.  Is that so revolutionary of a concept?  It's really not.  Perhaps it's due to limited understanding, but many business owners have a fallacious understanding of SEO methinks.


In what reality does a platform afford the opportunity to discredit traditional marketing sympathies, ones that focus on people?  I'll tell you right now; there's no such SEO reality.  Maybe some providers have you 'fooled.'  It's time to wake up now.


-          SEO is not magic.  It is a form of marketing.

-          SEO does not compensate for a lack of brand quality, nothing can.

-          SEO is about engines.  Any business is about people.

-          Learn about SEO before you spend your money and your provider's time

-          Stop chasing trends.  Start chasing your consumers' interests.


This is one of the most recent, simplified, and succinct SEO posts I've seen in some time.  Read it.

7 Achievable Steps for Great SEO After the Penguin

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