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How to Be Socially Ironic Online

admin, May 14, 2012


Warning: the following post contains sarcasm and irony.  Please proceed in the appropriate fashion...

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  Most of us did as expected:  we bought flowers, called people, and spent time in places we may not have ideally wanted to be. I understand.  You did as expected.  Where's the creativity in that!  Oh, where's the irony?

It's okay!  The discomfort is over; now, you can use those karma points from yesterday and compensate today by neglecting people online as normal.  Some of you don't know how!?  Wow!  I can show you!  I spend a lot of time online…observing…sometimes, I even help people!  I know.  Let's get back to the neglect!  I know online marketing is a notion, which brings people closer to desired products/services; yet, stop listening to all the 'experts,' and keep neglecting people.  The irony of it all is so genius and entertaining to observe!

Let's better understand how to neglect people, shall we?

Neglectin' Robins...
'They rock in the treetop all day long..'  I 'rock' Twitter on 'the regular.'  A lot of people do.  One-way tweeting is an oft-observed tactic.  Good job, social media partakers; you're getting it!  Rather than engage people on Twitter, make them feel and look stupid by neglecting to respond to them. It's not like they are giving you an opportunity to better brand yourself and your associated companies.  They're probably just losers who need attention.  Who needs them?!

Rather than be a helpful hooter, be a neglectful robin; don't respond to followers, you know the people who thought enough of you to follow and ask you a question?  People aren't equal; never forget that.  If you're better than them, they don't deserve your Twitter attention.

Illegitimate Comments
When I'm not perusing Twitter neglect, I read blogs.  It's a great way to learn; sometimes I foolishly use what I learn to help others with their questions; but, I digress…  Sometimes, I'll read a blog…entirely…I know; it's crazy I would respect the author enough to finish their post…LOL!  On occasion I'll see someone like Dan Shure diligently address peoples' questions and comments; yet, Dan knows how to treat people well; this is about neglect; let's forget him.

Alternatively, I'll see people asking questions (sometimes really good ones!) in a post's comment section; and, it goes completely unanswered or seemingly unobserved by the author.  That's how you express appreciation for their read; you completely shun their accolades, presence on your post, and questions!  Awesome display of online marketing skills!  And I was worried people needed me to write how-to's; many people already have this 'people thing' figured!

Why answer their question?  You might turn out to look like a thought leader.  You may gain a steady follower.  You may gain someone's respect.  You even may gain a consumer or an advocate of your brand.  Show me where I ever said those are good things!

Brand-Only Behavior
Do you know what's sillier than giving a brand the appropriate recognition for a shared piece of content?  Making the author of the content feel appreciated and recognized!  Why would you give the author 'a shout' in your hyperlink or share?  It's not like they deserve any credit!  Some people are a bit nice and attribute a link or share to the brand rather than the author.  We see it all the time with newspaper articles.  Why credit an unknown author when your link or share can say 'New York Times'?  Some people won't even credit a source in entirety?  Nice job of neglect!

Let's consider what would happen if we accredited an author.  They might take a gander at the source of a link.  They may share your content because you took the time to diligently share their content and credit them.   You may make a 'connection' with them through your career.  They may help you in some way, shape, or form.  Why the heck would you bother with them?  Forget them.  Neglect them.  That's how I want to see you do online marketing!  Keep up the great respect of neglect!

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